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OK, y’all, I’m gonna change the format up a bit here with tour posts. Last year I waited for a blog to post, but with the advent of twitter (etc.) we are getting more info on a daily basis. I am going to be aggregating each tour week into one (most likely progressively epic) post. We’ll see how it goes, and I will adjust format as necessary.

I will post my favorite pictures, and videos that I find for each venue, as well as compile tweet by tweets. Now…

What I need you all to do is post your favorite pics, reviews, videos, etc. – relevant to the week’s tourdates – in the comments.

We also need a little refresher on who is going to what shows  (our dear Jonas Calendar host went offline some time ago *sniffle* so we are out of sorts in that regard). We are very excited to hear about all of your experiences!

There is no ban on anything, so feel free to post what you like. We want this to be the best summer ever!

For now, let’s jump into week 1!



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The Guys (all of them) are in Peru!

How awesome is that?!

They have a show there on Monday and Tuesday, and then they go on to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil before they head back over to Europe for a spell.

They are blogging, and twittering (and generally giving us lots of great content to aggregate).  W00t!

We just arrived in Peru this afternoon and it is already amazing.  We are looking out the window of our hotel and looking at a truly beautiful country.

There are thousands of fans outside the hotel.  The police were called in to control the crowd.  It is unbelievable to hear the fans in a country we have never visited before.  Thank you Peru!  Can’t wait to meet everyone.

We will be visit several other countries on this trip.  So much fun.

[More.] (Myspace)

And they are not kidding about the crowd either. Click over the jump to see a collection of photos posted on twitter by JB over the past couple of hours.

I will update this post with pertinent Peru content as it becomes available.

*UPDATED 5.20.09*


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Full list of dates here or racing up the screen in tiny print in a video after the jump!


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