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Looking good out there!

So…still no definitive word on when we will next get to bask in the musical vibery of the Jonas boys et al, collectively or separately (can you believe “Who I Am” has been out for almost 2 months?  Where did the time go?) And the same goes for Bulldozer (we’re waiting! so patiently!) but this past week was a fairly busy one on an official level, anyway…

Joe & Demi surprised us (or at least me?) with an unexpected turn on the high profile (if not always hospitable) American Idol soundstage to perform their Friends for Change duet single “Make a Wave”. It was a polarizing choice for many fans, but they did an admirable job which received the usual fair balance of adoration & praise to criticism & disdain, from all the usual camps.  Joe redeemed himself at least a bit, in some eyes, for his less than stellar Idol judging stint, especially with the post-performance stage banter, and Joe & Demi continue to blur the lines & fuel plenty of chatter over their public/private pairing with a post-show visit to Ryan Seacrest (see below the chop).

The KCAs followed the typical awards show arc of a slow build to an ultimately anticlimactic result. The main benefit for Jonas fans was a new set of red orange carpet shots since – in contrast to their last visit to the KCA stage and their pretty adorable hosting duties at the Teen Choice Awards, what a difference a year makes! – they never touched the stage, neither to perform nor to collect a blimp in either of their nominated categories. (They were passed over as Favorite Musical Group in favor of the Black Eyes Peas, and Nick & Joe losing Favorite TV Actor to Dylan Sprouse.)  This all had a bit of a bizarro world tone to it, for anysuperfan who watched, but such is Nickelodeon, & kids, circa 2010. But I think Jonas fans and Jonases alike can easily take this “crushing defeat” with grace…right? 😉

Off the tube, we continue to be treated to pretty steady Twitter updates from Nick, Joe & Bulldozer. John Taylor celebrated his 28th birthday (Happy Happy, JT!).  John also gave confirmation that the suspected Papa Jonas Twitter is the real deal (and there’s some pretty sweet stuff in there). While Kevin remains….mysterious in that venue (love you anyway, Kevin!), is it just me or have Nick’s tweets been a little warmer, sweeter and less vague in the past few days?  I know I’ve enjoyed them.

All of this said, the biggest news of the week has to be saved for last.

You already know about it, I am sure. Like all good champions of their field, The Grog Blog has re-emerged from premature retirement. We have all experienced or heard of the power of JB bassist Greg Garbowsky’s blog in the past, and now the real deal is at hand again!!  If you haven’t yet, make sure to go back and read all of the old, now-revived posts (and videos!) before settling in for the future of Grog. And this is for you, Garbo:

After the jump, you’ll find a few videos from the weeks’ activities (Idol & KCA related).  What do you think of all these new developments?!



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Well, this has been an interesting week for Jonas fans…

Just as more of us began to grow accustomed to to the Jonas Brothers hiatus which had a primary media focus on the Nick Jonas & the Administration Tour & lead-up to the side project’s impending album, with Kevin Jonas marriage news sprinkled in, another shakeup in the Jonasphere: Joe Jonas is most definitely back to work. Surely not in the same way that Nick is, but definitely *on*.  Real entertainment news outlets are talking about it now, so it’s officially fair game around these parts. So what of it, Revelers?

Jump with me…


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Sigh – I look at this picture (thanks, Nick!), and then I look at the signed “It’s About Time” CD insert that arrived in my mail last week (thanks, JB Merch and Molly for the heads up!) and – though I know we had precious little to do with it – I am so proud and impressed with what these guys are becoming. Seriously. (I suppose it feels like a confirmation of my/our own good judgment, heehee. WDTFTW!)

Anyway, we were dashing around at play (spring break – woot!) this morning and missed it – then got distracted when we returned home to find that the Boys were opening up that long awaited can of whooptweet on us – but they dropped a very sweet MySpace blog this early afternoon, check it out:

Sure hope everyone is doing great. We have been busy putting the finishing touches on our new CD. We are making the final mixes now and soon there will be music for everyone to hear. We really cannot wait for you to hear the music. We are probably more excited about this CD than any before.

…Read the rest of the post after the jump!


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Well, we had quite the Fabruary, Jonasfans, and the last couple of weeks have been pretty intense in their way, or was that just me feelin’ it?

So here we are, already almost halfway through March, or as I have decided to dub it, “Merch”.

…Since the month so far has been marked by much ado about box office, concert ticket neuroses (we all suffer), clothing line launches, corporate marketing-skewering parodies and the pitfalls of the hype machine in general, this seemed appropriate. Merch, in that broad sense, can be some insidious stuff. So, beware the Ides!  (BTW – I swear we won’t be renaming every month…maybe.)

But it doesn’t have to be all negative…while the Boys’ likenesses are splashed all over creation and on the minds of many and not always to the greatest acclaim, the actual real-life Boys appear to be pretty safely ensconced in the studio lately (YAY), in good company,  and at the moment, performing in the Bahamas (aka “Paradise“…sure, rub it in).

And I am actually starting to see there are benefits of Jonas infiltration in the public consciousness to somewhat balance the drawbacks of backlash: now everyone seems to know their story (or at least certain, overemphasized elements of it – sigh) and more people than ever seem interested in seeing it through, whether they are lovers or haters. [But that’s an angle to mull on another day.]

Thusly – being a Reveler continues to be one of the crazier, more exciting trips I’ve ever taken…it can be intense and uncertain, this fame thing, eh? But we discerning types know (hope) the Jonases are made of stern stuff.  And we’re not so alone.

Wanna know the best new positive reassurance I’ve found? I’ll show you…after the jump!


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