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Not a good day for the JB superfandom, as the (erstwhile “Camp Rock”) Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010 appears to have undergone some hasty restructuring, even as tourmates rehearsed away and Kevin & Danielle were prepping their packing plans.

The Sibling Revelry community appears to be particularly impacted by the reshuffling.  We may not be the ones panting that a tweet from one of the Bros will make our lives, or sneaking into meet & greets, or other demanding, frenzied activities of the fickle tween demo that is the commonly imagined JB fan –  but we ARE the superfans with itchy trigger fingers at the first second of the earliest presales – we travel, buy tickets for multiple shows – and a number of us live outside of the favored Northeastern and West Coast markets.

Clearly a day of huge disappointment for many, and I know our hearts go out to each other.  There’s always been much talk of the powers-that-be of JB management (“the PTB”, thanks for that one, Shelley!) and we can add this to the list of days when we wonder if the PTB have a clue (or care) about WDT (“we discerning types”, thanks for that one, SR charter readership! ;)).

To be fair…I’ve been reading a lot of Bob Lefsetz since Garbo & Papa J let that cat out of the bag and if I’ve learned anything from it – if the reason behind all this is indeed weak sales – the JBs are in no way alone in the struggle to repeat their previous bang-up summer sales (though the Camp Rock angle surely did NOT help).  They have some pretty healthy company in price drops and show cancellations.  We understand their struggle to run a viable tour and business, but it seems like there has to be a better way to deal with whatever is going on than cutting off your very biggest, heartland fans at the knees. So as some of us suspect, is there more at play than the bottom line?  Is there really a good reason for a revised schedule that leaves so many fans in the lurch?

Please feel free to continue to voice your most honest concerns and frustrations and thoughts here, over the jump, where – if this is all news to you – I’ve posted the text of the Brothers’ (via Team Jonas) letter of announcement/apology and the (irksome to some of us) PRNewswire release that went out in support of the tour revamp/cancellation/expansion.



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Full list of dates here or racing up the screen in tiny print in a video after the jump!


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Day 4 of blogging for the Boys and today’s thrilling installment inspired me to make the above collage. It says it all, really (or I think so at least). The post is ebullient and full of adrenaline and is very fun to read. I will give you a taste, but get the full fun filled picture here.

We are still trying to readjust to the time difference. Hopefully tonight we are going to get some rest. Big Rob was listening to “house music” all night long and keeping us awake.

I think it is time to get Rob some new earphones. (winky face.)

We are enjoying these daily blogs (and almost daily SayNow messages) for many reasons, not the least of which is that you can hear a different voice in each post. This comes through in the varying numbers of typos, sentence and paragraph structure, sense of humor, and exclamation point quantity. It seems like they are each taking turns with the writing, and they are truly a joy to read.

[Via: Jonas Brothers Official MySpace]

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Avril, Avril, Avril. Just…Shhhhh. I don’t want to dislike you, I don’t care that much and you do have catchy songs. Don’t make me have to pull a silent protest and stand with my back turned towards you during your (opening?) set on the Burning Up Tour concert I’m attending. Mmkay?

OK, I am mostly joking. But said Avril, today, regarding having the Brothers support her in Europe and a few shows Stateside:

Well I’m only doing eight shows with them. Right now, my North American tour is two and a half months, so I’m doing that just with Boys Like Girls. And then I go to Europe for two months. I could be wrong but I’m kinda helping The Jonas Brothers out by introducing them over there.

Some in the Jonasphere are already responding thusly:

i’m so qlad she’s not playinq at the concert i’m qoinq to. =D
& avril just a tip; be very careful with your comments ’cause us Jonas fans will qo crazy karate on you. lol – karen.jonas13 on JBF

This is why I love Jonas fans…it is a pure and deep love, but even hint at shunning its object, and it’s like a pack of wolves protecting their young. And it’s heavily informed by Perez Hilton. (Though most try to be nicer about it than others…like a few choice Tokio Hotel fans I mentioned. I guess every fanbase has those.)

I don’t actually think she is that wrong (or rude); she is the headliner, they are “support”, right? (Though some phrase it otherwise.) BUT it is the (mis?)perceived dismissive tone which is putting some diehard JB fans on the defensive. It is not bright to wrong these people when they will soon be front and center in your audience (and they are an audience which in my experience is very enthusiastic towards the other acts).

So is this going to be another Hannah situation, where the Boys open and bring half the crowd, but are still expected to bow down to a pop goddess who is supposed to have graciously bestowed fame upon them?

[Via: JustJared; People.com; JonasBrothersFan.com]

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Diligent blog-warrior-bassist Greg Garbowsky has done us the service of compiling a comprehensive list of the band’s entire spring/summer tour schedule, including European dates which will take them through the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, little Luxembourg and France.

Regarding lovely Paris, I have two words for any apparently unlikely free time they might have: Pere Lachaise. (It’s strange, but really, the most peaceful tourist must-see in town.)

Then they come back to the States to spend the height of summer Burning Up with us. I give you the tour’s namesake track – as performed on the LMITE Tour. It’s from the new, yet-to-be-titled album coming out in August, the hopeful-platinum crescendo to all this madness.

[Via: Jonas Brothers Official (Flickr); Let’s Go On Tour, Sleepyanimeboi (YouTube)]

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