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So, the Guys got the MTV Video Music Awards nod for Best Pop Video!!

Celebrate good times!

But the competition is (in some unjust sense) tough, I see (and see, and see, and see).

Perhaps calculatedly so?

And, oddly, though Team Jonas has notified us that they are up for Best New Artist – which would be an excellent opportunity, I think, and a much deserved “honor” (well, it is just the VMAs) among their peer group…I couldn’t find them in the list to vote for them.

The Naked Brothers Band were in the very large and all-encompassing mix of potential selections from which one could choose, so this is obviously a terrible mistake (teasing! – LBF loves that song).

Am I missing something? What gives?

Clearly a must resolve…they were the best new artist last year already, after all.  Catch up, MTV.

UPDATE: All mention of their eligibility for this category seems to have been removed.  In a word?  LAAAAAAAAAME.


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I have precious little to say on the non-issue of fangirls needlessly hating on each other’s objects of affection, but since obviously no such fans were able to read my now-embarrassingly-earnest old post about the mutual disdain some members of the JB and TH camps hold for each other…it has come up again.

It is not a big deal, it is what happens when your love is deep and you are too young to have anything better to do with your time; the 13-year-old-fangirl-within-me understands better than you know.

And while the current-me has not a bone to pick with Tokio Hotel or their fans, the 13-year-old-fangirl-within-me wanted to rub it in Tokio Hotel fans’ face that my fave music industry blog, the always too-cool-not-to-qualify Idolator, posted an article in which the tough to budge Kate Richardson had this to say on the issue (after the jump):


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Oof, when will people learn to embrace a little bit of musical diversity already?

The rumor that the Boys might someday tour with Tokio Hotel, seems to have caused some fractious response in TH-town. One notable fan reaction to this not-yet-concrete potential state of affairs was:

I hate the stupid Jonas Borthers, I hope everyone leaves after Tokio Hotel performs. – comment and its misspelling courtesy of TH fan ‘Cynthia efffff” here

Aw. How…”sweet”.

I personally agree with the words of Internet-Translation Joe that such a tour could be “the mega-hammer” at which “girls would freak out double passionately”. And I am not a big Tokio Hotel fan, though I find them pretty fascinating (and first heard of them from the Boys).

So, why would it be so cool?


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