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The day has finally arrived…



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This new video from the Guys has it all. On its surface it is a promo to get you to watch Camp Rock 2 (which premiered tonight, by the way), but is oh so much more. First we have all of Bulldozer there. Second they are being funny because they are being guys and they are not afraid of little girls thinking they are gross (FYI they are ALL gross). And third, well… you will just have to watch it…. after the jump…


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Who is this mystery man? He has recently appeared keeping company with Joe Jonas, Greg Garbowsky, Jack Lawless, and Ryan Liestman. Could he be a new band member? The roomie who really knows how to make fettuccini alfredo and always does the dishes?

I know we usually do not venture into the realm of gossip on this blog, but there is something about this guy that gives me the creeps (and it is not just because I am a Philadelphia Phillies fan… or is it?). 😉

See the evidence after the jump…


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Well, this has been an interesting week for Jonas fans…

Just as more of us began to grow accustomed to to the Jonas Brothers hiatus which had a primary media focus on the Nick Jonas & the Administration Tour & lead-up to the side project’s impending album, with Kevin Jonas marriage news sprinkled in, another shakeup in the Jonasphere: Joe Jonas is most definitely back to work. Surely not in the same way that Nick is, but definitely *on*.  Real entertainment news outlets are talking about it now, so it’s officially fair game around these parts. So what of it, Revelers?

Jump with me…


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menwholovemusic[Update – 9-9-10]

They’re Baaack! The 2010 M.E.N. season has begun! Mostly due to the fact that I decided to go to bed early on September 7th, the Guys on the Bus decided to get back to giving us great music as they wound down from a show. What joy!

For the sake of continuity, we decided to add on to the original M.E.N. post. This way it will be all in one place. The SR Blip.fm playlist continues to be updated, and I will add iMixes as I get to them.


[Original Post]

Oh my gosh!… the last few weeks have been a blur of life obligations and a lil Jonasing, and the content on the blog has gotten a bit weak (from Mememoi and me anyway). I am here in an attempt to rectify that with a good and thorough post about Music Exploration Nights (aka M.E.N.)!

Come along and experience music exploration nights – including the

FULL M.E.N. PLAYLIST on blip.fm!

M.E.N. are what happen when JT, Ryan, Garbo, Rob, Jack, and Casper (aka Bulldozer – the Jonas Brothers’ backing band – and friends) get on the bus after a show with a long ride ahead of them. Likely still a little wired after having tens of thousands of people scream in their general directions and no doubt putting on a spectacular show, they sit back, relax, break out their iPods and share music with each other. Thanks to Twitter, and the diligent efforts of Mr. John Lloyd Tayor (*heart bubbles*), they also share with us. The result is (to date) 100-plus (and growing) songs of wide ranging genres with each night standing as a spectacular playlist to explore.

These M.E.N.  are special because, well – quite frankly – they really don’t have to share anything like this with us. They are all obviously passionate about music, and the lists also act as a primer of sorts for the thousands of JB fans who follow John (and the rest of them) because they are fans of JB (much like our own selves). And…these fans may or may not actually have any real interest in music. There…I said it. But I think it is true – not for all, but surely for some. So this is a way for the ‘Dozers to reveal a little more about themselves, while introducing us all to their idea of awesome music.

Go ahead and JUMP…

Last update 9.09.10


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World Tour Week 3!

Another busy week, and goodness knows what they have in store for us!  Follow along to find out!

So far we have Jonas Records, and Softball!


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This week is all about Canada! Well… Canada and the good ol’ U. S. of A.!

(OK, so I know I was not so great with updates last week – and the post was kinda trumped by Rolling Stone, and Nick J. I promise to be better, but if the tweets get too overwhelming I will just do highlights.)

Follow along as they continue to tour…


…after the jump!

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