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Cool blog mention over on Entertainment Weekly’s POPWATCH!  They’ve pitted the Boys against Pete Wentz in compiling a list of Top 5 all-time favorite music videos.

Commenters seem to be keening toward the Guys’ camp, too, in terms of who they think did a better job.

Maybe our favorite underdogs are really themselves finally becoming the life of the pop-rock party and winning everyone over?  We fans can dream!

Their video picks…after the jump!



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Run, Boys, Run!

Today the Guys appeared on Pete Wentz’ new show, FNMTV!

The show itself is quite intriguing and perplexing to me so far. I didn’t quite get it, but I’m rooting for it.

I think it has a lot of potential, and I wish him good luck with his good intentions…but if Pete wants me to watch it on the regular, though, he better start streaming it on the web.  I just hope the flow smooths out (and they keep the mics fully functional in future, poor Joe…not that it was a noticeable gaffe to any but the superfan).  But I am most inclined to follow FNMTV, in fact, because I feel like Wentz was giving the Boys a pretty nice break by making them the focal point of the hour so early in the series.

I’ll be honest, I found it a tiny bit awkward at first, considering some of the disrespect the Brothers have gotten from the network in general, but then, isn’t life complicated in that worldTheir first ever live performance of “Burnin’ Up” was strong and the musical diversity of the show in general was neat – though I have some opinions on other acts best left unsaid by me (ooh, but what do my blog-idols think?!).

I both hope and fear that the event (and the accompanying announcement that they will be appearing for the first time on the MTV Video Music Awards) marks a shift in their status with the MTV demo and thus, the whole of the masses.  Exciting proof as to why?  After the jump!


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