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Billboard, Entertainment Weekly and Perez Hilton are abuzz with the news that A Little Bit Longer looks to have shot out of the gate stronger than many expected…an almost assured #1, and likely an easy resident among the top 5 selling albums of the year (!!).

All the hard work (on their part) and devotion (on ours) is paying off!

If it’s up your alley – now would be a good time to go stock up on tissues…I suspect we’ll all soon be crying some tears of relief and joy.

[Via: People Magazine (Jonas Brothers People Magazine Celebrity Central Profile Page)]


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The Vulture has been sucked in. Idolator and Gawker writers might as well admit it too. Perez goes so overboard that people doubt his authenticity.

But now Michael Buckley, of BuckHollywood.com and (6th all time most subscribed!) YouTube celebrigossip show What the Buck has stepped forward and officially come out. Not that way (old news), but as a true Jonas Brothers fan!*

Buck is a comedian and pretty much does celebrity news as you might expect, regularly tearing into whichever trainwreck wanders drunkenly into view on a given day, but adds his special flamboyant and incredibly hyper style.

He has been mentioning the Boys since Joe took his tumble at the American Music Awards last October, and quickly felt the heated backlash of Jonas fan-love. It obviously made an impact. And then some.

Inspired by the suprisingly awesome JB-devoted People special edition magazine, he’s finally let that fire consume him and has testified in a new vlog.

This marks a brave transition from Jonas-loving apologist to advocate (when you are a real fan outside “The Demographic“, you come to realize it is the only right thing to do). The brilliant climax of his typically frenetic rant goes a little something like this:

I like POP culture, I like SHINY clothes, I like music that makes you SMILE and people who are NOT skanks. These boy are NOT skanks, we should ALL enjoy them for the quality pop music they are, their moral integrity, and they are NOT apologizing for wanting to be well groomed!

After the jump, watch Buck’s video (and go subscribe to his very funny show over on YouTube)…

* That is, the kind of fan who complains when people compare the Boys to Hanson or underestimate the frenzy around them. Some day (soon) only insane people will NOT behave in this way.


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The White House Correspondents Dinner is an event that just keeps on giving.

As if we needed another reason to love Martha Stewart, she blogged about the Boys today…and Rob!! She even admitted to trying to eavesdrop on them when they were talking to Perez Hilton (Martha!!).

Hopefully they’ll appear on her show soon and pick up some new skills. After the jump, some more of her snaps.

Martha, you are the coolest.


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