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WOW! That was fast! The Guys have been and gone from London in a flash, but still managed to get their to do list completed.

Jonas Brothers London To Do List:

They Tweeted:

London, thank you so much for the hospitality and support….we love you and cant wait to see you again on June 15th – JB [twitter]

And they blogged:

We just got to the hotel following our 3D Movie Premiere in London.  It was amazing.  So many people came out to see us and show their support.  It was so loud and we felt so much love from the fans in the UK.  Thank you to everyone here and back home for making this possible.


Nicely done, Guys!

They are now onto South America for some dates with tons of stuff to come as they roll into the release of LVaTTs and their world tour!

Follow me over the jump for their appearance on The Paul O’Grady Show!



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Jonas Brothers on Paul O’Grady October 8, 2008!

This is a wonderful appearance.

It starts with a performance of “Lovebug”, then we are treated to a nearly ten minute interview (in which they are not made to eat anything).

The performance is awesome and filmed well. Joe starts out a little raspier than usual, but that is all forgotten by the time he sings along with the guitar part before the second verse. When they get to Nick and Kevin’s guitar part near the end I was totally besotted. Then they push it over the edge, and it is wonderful (why wouldn’t the audience scream?)!

The interview is serene and charming. Well…it is serene after Paul finishes yelling at the audience for screaming and speaking out of turn. They talk about the “Lovebug” single, being a global phenomenon (unbeknownst to them), Camp Rock and the benefits of being able to practice being a jerk on your brothers, Jonas, their 3D concert movie, and other projects (in which they promise to get Paul a part).

They also talk about Elvis (the dog) and Elvis (the King), their best pick-up lines, how Nick often uses his diabetes as a means to get out of things or simply to get sympathy, and how they enjoy what they are doing. Then Paul gives them a sausage maker as a housewarming gift.

Awesome moments include: Nick revealing that they really wish they could watch their show from the audience perspective (I am assuming live, because there are concert vids all over YouTube), how Kevin’s occasional resemblance to Elvis makes their grandmother very, very happy, and confirmation that none of them are morning people (who can blame them?).

In the end Paul says they are three nice lads. Ain’t it the truth.

Check it out after the jump!


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Jonas Brothers on The Paul O\'Grady Show 5.28.08

The Boys appeared on The Paul O’Grady Show today (5.28.08 ) and the result is a very charming interview and adept performance.

Part one features a performance of SOS and a chat about riotous fans, getting started, and their mom. Nick is refreshingly chatty.

In part two we get another visit from Joyce who introduced the them to jellied eels (which apparently made Nick sick to his stomach). This go round Joyce has some regional delicacies for the Boys to try including haggis, black pudding, pork pie, and faggots.

See who’s the best sport after the jump then read more about their gastronomic adventures in today’s tour blog entry! *update* and DANCING!


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Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas

What is it about the British media that smacks superior to what we get here in the States? This could be the obsessive Anglophile deep down inside me talking, but years after I thought I’d passed the height of that, I am still always taken in by the UK approach: whether it’s inscrutable crosswords, calling a sporting field a “pitch” (so what is it called when you throw the ball, then?) or the mushy peas…it just works. Well, for me.

So it has come as no great surprise that not long into their full emergence in British popular media – which easily could rehash the repetitive and often shallow mainstream coverage the Brothers receive Stateside – there have already been a few original moments.

A few ways newsBrits have impressed me, after the jump. Wait for it…


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