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Snag (and by snag I mean BUY) your very own copy of “Stay” LIVE by Nick Jonas & The Administration tonight – I mean…tomorrow morning, March 2,  at 12am (sharp)!

This is a live version of the song (from Chicago, I think), so you will hear all of the screams and swoons. It should probably come with a warning about that. For causing screams and swoons, not for recording them. I would probably be a good idea to be moderate with the volume if you are listening with earphones though. Trust me on this one, recorded Jonas screams are nearly as bad as live ones.

You will be able to get the single as a digital download from Amazon.com and you can listen to a preview of the release there now! You can also get the download at iTunes. iTunes also has a mixed media EP featuring the live recording of “Stay” as well as videos of the live performances of “Stay” and “Rose Garden.” Nice.

(I have to say that I think it is interesting that he doesn’t sing the song in just his tee shirt in the video. I saw the show twice, and both times he started the song dressed more like he is at the end of the video and ended it wearing a yanked at shirt. Hmmm….)

[via: amazon.com]


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Happy “Who I Am” day, everybody!

No, it is not Bizzaro World. Nick hasn’t bumped his head (as far as we know). It is a true fact that Nick’s second solo album “Who I Am” recorded with his band The Administration has dropped. That’s right. It’s finally here!

It has been a busy day (and it’s not over yet). Nick met with fans in Santa Monica, did some live streaming, and released a new video (we always love them).

For those of you who were holding out for today, what are your thoughts? I am just giving it my first listen now, so I will have to get back to you…

Check out the new video after the jump, and pick up “Who I Am” at your favorite CD place, or download from Amazon.com or iTunes. Do we really need to stress that you should BUY the music again? We will anyway. Buy it, don’t steal it – please.

I am also adding the first Modelinia video below…because I can.



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Nick J may be off the chain, but he is most definitely on the cover of VMan Magazine.* Three times in fact. Three covers, and one nice little article along with a fashion photoshoot.

Mr. Brown takes some uneducated potshots at the Jonas Brothers and makes the same tired out references to Justin Timberlake, purity rings, and bubblegum boy bands, but he is not the worst offender. In the end it is a good profile of Nick and his aspirations in regards to his new solo album. Here is an excerpt:

Conventional wisdom has long held that Disney pulls the Jonas strings, but more often than not, it’s Nick behind the scenes calling the shots. His adult entourage laughs about calling him “the president,” but the deference they show him as he strides into the Soho Grand lobby for this interview makes clear that the nickname is no joke. Now Nick is ready to push things further. With his new band, Nick Jonas and the Administration, and its first album, Who I Am, he plans to show the world that he’s grown up. Jacob Brown, VMan Magazine, Spring 2010

Read the entire article HERE, and check out the scans (and see all of the nice pictures) HERE.

Are you a tactile person like me? You can grab your copy on newsstands now!

Check out all three covers after the jump!

*An urban arts magazine with an audience of mostly well educated, employed men between the ages of 25 and 34 with an average income of $220,000 a year. [ref]


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It’s Here!


So….now that all of you good and patient people can take a listen too…

What do you think?

For those of you who have been to NJA shows – What do you think about the studio versions of the songs?

I have “Vespers Goodbye” on “repeat” (meaning I keep clicking back to it).

Snap up your copy of “Who I Am” in all the usual places on February 2!  Groundhog Day!

[NickJonas (Twitter), Nick Jonas & The Administration (Official MySpace)]

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[Finally!] My post about Nick Jonas and the Administration at the Tower Theater January 9 & 10, 2010!

First I have to apologize for taking so long to post – it took me a while to recover from the weekend (which was awesome, BTW) and I needed some time to process my thoughts.

Second I have to say how great it was to see Mary and Sondra again and to meet Barbara! We all had quite an adventure (shaped by biting cold, bagel quests, cheese, and exciting encounters).

This was my first experience with Nick Jonas & The Administration – other than “Who I am,” “Rose Garden,” and bits of “Conspiracy Theory”  (I was good and didn’t peek at any videos). I was not entirely sure what to expect. I’d heard about the simple staging, the candles, and the covers. But I was anxious to see it all myself.

I was very impressed and I can’t wait for the album!  I do have some observations, thought, which I think are based on my fan-lady status more than anything else.

Read on…


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We’re super pleased to welcome Sondra (aka flamom/Sonnnn/Sondra_ on Twitter) above the fold as a contributor to offer coverage of the Nick Jonas & the Administration show she attended on Monday, January 4 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.  (A place Cpaig & I visited last year for the special “Jonas Brothers & Friends” benefit show, and can’t wait to return to ourselves…maybe in January 2011?)
Today, Sondra is offering a special superfan’s eye view – photo gallery & all – of the NJ&tA tour as she’s experienced it.  We know you’ll enjoy this, she’s done a fantastic job.Mememoi]


I love the Ryman. The building has an amazing history and its place in country music (and music in general) is so unique and special. It’s a gorgeous building with memorabilia and Hatch prints from the past everywhere you look. I have visited it four times (twice for shows and twice for tours and browsing around) and I am fascinated with it.

The stage for Nick Jonas & the Administration was plain and simple as I had expected, but the softness of the candlelight and the fabric draped over the piano and tables added a subtle elegance and romance that I enjoyed. I liked seeing the guitars onstage. A guitar tech was cleaning/restringing off to the side of the stage but there was no one else visible other than the band.


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The Nick Jonas and the Administration tour kicked off last night at the Dallas House of Blues! All indicators point to a great show and a great night.

Who knew he had a fantastically limber voice that could move back and forth in a nanosecond between a growling bluesy sound and a Prince-like falsetto? We’ve heard Jonas say that his influences include Prince, Stevie Wonder and Elvis Costello, and they’re obvious in gritty, complex tunes like “State of Emergency,” “Olive and an Arrow” and “Last Time Around.”Who knew he had a fantastically limber voice that could move back and forth in a nanosecond between a growling bluesy sound and a Prince-like falsetto? We’ve heard Jonas say that his influences include Prince, Stevie Wonder and Elvis Costello, and they’re obvious in gritty, complex tunes like “State of Emergency,” “Olive and an Arrow” and “Last Time Around.”

Being a boy-band pop icon with a Disney TV show can have a bit of a polarizing effect. While the 8-year-old behind me who yelled “I love you, Nick!” every few minutes was cute, this Administration is worthy of some new-demographic support.

Catherine Mallette, Star Telegram January 3, 2010.

OK, I’m going to be a big pain in the butt right now and not post any videos from last night’s show because I am going to see the show this weekend and I don’t want to spoil it. I promise to give great coverage then.

I WILL give you a couple more pictures and the “Who I Am” video. I’m no scrooge! (OK, I’m a little bit of a scrooge.)


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