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While the Boys are busy playing their career out on a whole new, European level, someone has to keep an eye out here at home. There are surely hundreds of people who are in one way or another gainfully Jonas-employed. Myself, I volunteer for the cause. Here is my story:

About a week ago, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Boys written up in this survey of hotly anticipated summer albums in the esteemed New York Times. It was not so pleasing to read the captions:

I lurve Joe and Kevin, and while they are obviously close and adoring siblings, I figured they would appreciate not being mistaken for each other…in the New York Times.

So, because the internet makes me feel kinda sleuthy (and because I do some sort of similar things for an actual living), I checked the photo credit, googled the company’s source site, and dropped a line to the only available email address there I could find. Then I forgot about it.

Were my obnoxiously accuracy-oriented efforts of fan nerdery to end here? Find out after the jump…



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There is more to the Jonas Brothers than pop, rock and croon…we all know it.

The Boys have got soul to spare, so while they do of course use it in their regular rotation, sometimes it still needs to come out in other ways.

And it does. How else would Joe develop a somewhat krunkish split personality named DJ Danger, Kevin earn the nickname of Mufasa, or Nick become forever disconnected from his chain? Hip hop over the jump to see the Brothers “develop” their rapping skillz over the years.


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When I first got into the Jonas Brothers, a little over a year ago, it was easy to go on YouTube every day and take a look at all the latest JB-related material being uploaded. At some point the volume became too overwhelming, so I stopped doing a daily survey a while ago…I rely on the favorites of a few trusted users so as not to miss any new gems. But occasionally you have to dive in and look around yourself to see what sort of awesome stuff other fans are coming up with.

I was thrilled to come across these two noteworthy fanvids – one on the Boys and one on Garbo! – which address a side of the band that we all know and love…they can be a wee bit dorky.

Sure, they can be as handsome and slick onstage and off as anyone out there. But never forget, being an unabashed geek sometimes, and not caring too much what people think of you, is really very very cool, indeed.

We think they’re just right as they are. It’s totes hip to be square.

Nerd it up with me (and those Boys), after the jump…


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