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More pure awesome {drink!} at hand, as JB3DCE coverage comes to a head.

Over the jump,we’ll post links and embeds of premiere week interviews from online, radio & television.  When you find something, mention it in the comments and we’ll use this post to aggregate and celebrate, before we break (well…ish) to immerse ourselves in the opening weekend of the movie!

Like Kevin & Joe above, come ponder – among other things – Nick’s supposedly unflagging honesty in the MySpace “Artist on Artist” video, with more stuff to come, over the jump!



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Ah, a new blog post from the Jonases.  This one had an awful lot of ground to cover!!!

Everything from the AMAs to the HOB show, Cowboys’ halftime to NYC, Vegas to the Palladium.  In two weeks. It astounds me that the fact that they are meanwhile filming their TV series is sort of an aside. And I am sure there are other things they are working on that didn’t even earn a mention. Workaholics – so addicted to the workahol. 😉

Reading the post made me feel kinda tired, but of course it is always beyond lovely to hear a recap from their perspective.  Highlights after the jump!


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When her identity was still unknown to us, I watched some videos of the Boys’ photo shoots and posed the question whether their stylist was a “cruel sadist” (it involved Nick being dressed an awful lot like Tom Sawyer) or the “super lucky awesomest job-haver”.

Well…I think this video should lay that quandary to rest, and affirm that the truth tends towards the latter.  And if her shy, funny greeting is any indication, she has been influenced as much by the fellas as they have been by her.

I love that Michelle seems to really relish working with the Jonases, fashion-wise and personally…as it should be!!

Check it out, in the adorable new video brought to us courtesy of MySpace Fashion, SO appropriately titled “The Fit” (why yes, yes they are).  It is one of the most squee-able non-performance videos I have seen of the Guys in quite some time, and it has me beaming and clicking replay.

Take a look after the jump!


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The Boys’ much-anticipated first round of answers to the MySpace questions they invited has arrived, hurrah!

For my part, I’m loving the firm, but reassuring tone they took with these Big Questions. It seems so measured and grown up.  Also sweet is that after all the last year has brought to them, they are still surprised by the response they generate when their attentions are promised.  They modestly underestimate themselves, and the fans…Silly boys, some among us would do almost anything for you all.

So what did you think? Discuss.

Complete blog text, after the jump…


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