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It’s Release Week, Revelers!

What happens when Kevin, Joe, and Nick get on New York/New Jersey soil?  They get an itch to play free music for people, that’s what.  We in the Jonasphere are glad of this proclivity, because the fans always win!

At 9:00am on June 11, 2009, the Jonas Brothers decided that their already busy day would not be complete without playing music for at least 700 of their closest friends.  They declared “Hey!  Let’s throw up a Show!”  And the “Jonas Brothers Live at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza” show came to be.  No one from Sibling Revelry Blog was invited, surely an oversight.  However, thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can virtually be there now and forevermore.

Read all about the show, and watch some vids after the jump!



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Will the wonders of modern technology never cease? Thanks to a tweet from our very own most favorite bass player, Greg Garbowsky, I learned that the recording from the Guys’ iTunes Live From Soho performance from last August 12th (part of their ALBL album release extravaganza) has been released as an EP. It is amazing!

For $5.94 you get 6 live tracks: “Shelf,” “Lovebug,” “A Little Bit Longer” (including speech), “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” “S.O.S,” and “Tonight.” You can definitely hear the crowd, but they are not too loud. And there are some pretty funny moments of people screaming (at what we can only imagine is going on on the stage), and someone yelling “get back” for a portion of “ALBL.” Classic. It is worth every penny. Click the image below to buy it from iTunes.


Follow me over the jump for a news piece on the “fandemonium” (as Joe would say) created by their appearance at the store, and some great pics from the show. You know you want to…


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OK.  That is a heck of a mouthful of a post title for this loooong musing. It’s probably for the bravest among you to endure in detail (or just skip if you aren’t in the mood for neurotic fretting, LOL…to quote Big Rob: Go, save yourselves!).

Anyway – at least for myself – it needed to be stated. It’s been a very Jonas-y weekend, so while I have been savoring them, I’ve also had lots of time to reflect on their recent career happenin’s.

That title quote was encouragingly well-put by a repeat voice-of-reason, critic & rock expert (and my current, unofficial boo) Chris Willman. It came as a great relief to me last night in a Huffington Post blog piece entitled: Jonas Haters, You Have Nothing to Fear But JoBro-Phobia Itself“. Like me, he’s apparently been pushed to edge by raging anti-Jonas backlash.

I was working up a doozy of a handwringing post…prompted by the frantic dismay that came from reading too many soul-crushingly negative reviews and now so-called “bleak” box office predictions (which I plow through out of a morbid sense of bloggerly obligation) for the 3-D Concert Experience and other hateful nonsense. I was feeling riddled with indignance and even some self-doubt; Chris’ column helped bring me back to a Jonas-friendly Earth.

Do I really care about what critics think? Not individually, no. They’re just regular people with the same baggage and frequently off-base preconceptions as all of us. They can’t tell me what to think or enjoy.  But what bothered me was the trend: a critical mass of mocking disapproval – that despite managing to pull off a Grammy nomination and more under-the-radar musical accomplishments, the average cultural commentator thinks it’s OK to treat the Boys at best as a guilty pleasure, at worst as a joke. It’s not the industry role I think they deserve.

Needless to say it was bumming me out to have so few credible people stand up for the Boys and what made me take notice of them – skilled musicianship and stellar stage presence that makes them worthy of their now-overwhelming hype.

But then a hero came along (hehe)…

Find out what he said, after the jump!


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Hey guys, so…um…

Mark your calendars for February 8th!!!!

We’re going to the Grammys?!

More on this sudden supercalifragilisticexpialidocious development (picture and multimedia…now with updated video!), after the jump…


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If the past week or so left you feeling a bit queasy…I think we may have just the thing to cure what ails you:

The Jonases have been named among the top “25 Entertainers of the Year” by Entertainment Weekly…and they came in at Number 9!!!

I think it really is a nice honor they can be very proud of and a HUGE KUDOS to them and their team is in order.

Not only is the whole list of 25 reasonably cool, but the company they are keeping in the top ten is, for the most part, a pretty interesting and great group of entertainers who have enjoyed significant commercial success this year.

Check out the TOP TEN and what EW says about the Guys, after the jump…


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In contrast – here’s my (soon to be patented) Sunday morning hand-wringer, everybody!!!

This came up in the previous thread, and it was something that has crossed my mind over the last couple of weeks: Where is the promotional push to get “Lovebug” to the top of the charts?

Eventually, it comes down to fan activism…getting everyone excited about requesting at radio and such. But in the past, with marching orders coming down from MySpace and SayNow, it seemed to be driven pretty well from the top.  By which I am not sure if I mean the Boys’ multi-pronged management team (Papa J & Co) or did it come all the way from the Disney offices, currently rumored to be beleaguered in the publicity department?

The Jonases have done very well, with high-charting albums, without ever having a bonafide chart-topping single…which seems innocuous enough, apart from having that be an annoyance from a place of fan-pride.  But I was bothered this week to see that on the chart report I read, that the Jonai didn’t garner a mention…and the charts are not based completely on somewhat irrelevant radio airplay  (I don’t listen to music radio, do you guys?) but also sales.

Thanks to the recent death of TRL – the usual next stop after a choir-preaching Disney Channel video debut – I guess radio play could be seen as more significant.  Unless they are going back to FNMTV?

I have heard from non-Jonasfans that they felt that “LoveBug” should be, deservedly, a HUGE single for the Boys…but so far…not so much.

So what gives?   Is it the economy? The election? The distraction of taping “Jonas” and such?

Or is there something yet up their sleeves…like the Thanksgiving Cowboys game, and will that be effective enough outreach?


OK, to balance the worrywarting, a couple of my favorite shots of the Boys at last night’s Carousel of Hope Ball last night in Beverly Hills for you to enjoy…after the jump!


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Billboard, Entertainment Weekly and Perez Hilton are abuzz with the news that A Little Bit Longer looks to have shot out of the gate stronger than many expected…an almost assured #1, and likely an easy resident among the top 5 selling albums of the year (!!).

All the hard work (on their part) and devotion (on ours) is paying off!

If it’s up your alley – now would be a good time to go stock up on tissues…I suspect we’ll all soon be crying some tears of relief and joy.

[Via: People Magazine (Jonas Brothers People Magazine Celebrity Central Profile Page)]

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