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MTV New’s Jocelyn Vena interviewed the Guys while they were on their theater invasion this past weekend (judging by their outfits I will say this was filmed on Saturday) and it has been posted on MTV.com as a series of 5 MTV:Rough Cut clips.

They talk about lots of exciting things, like who looks best in 3D, upcoming world tour dates, the upcoming album, Jonas, eyebrows, and Frankie J. It is all very amusing.

Check out all of the clips after the jump.



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MTV Presents: Jonas Brothers Experience! Airing tonight at 6 pm EST on MTV (obviously).

It seems like it will be wild (according to Tamar’s tweets reprinted for our convenience here along with some pics from the event).

Check out a couple of preview videos after the jump, then comment along as we watch it live!


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This is nearly old news at this point, but any reason to post this positively marvy photo is a-okay with me!! [Here’s hoping it warms those of you stuck in frigid below zero temperatures and frozen drizzlemistfog (!!) to the depths.]

In the deluge of year-end lists (which are quickly tiring me out) , our illustrious Joe J has at last scored a big top award of his own – as MTV has selected him their #3 Man of the Year, directly behind Kanye West and list-topper Lil Wayne.  So yay for Joe!!!

But is it such a simple joy? Muse with (or humor) me, over the jump…


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This is pretty neat…!

While Viacom (parent of Nickelodeon and MTV) increasingly struggles to keep up with the ups and downs of the modern entertainment industry*, they seem to at least have hit upon a pretty logical use of their resources: moving their music video operation to the internet in a simple, low-on-bells-and-whistles way.

The industry consensus would seem to be this is long-awaited and a big-duh.

Click the image above to check out the (still “Lovebug”-free…hmmm) MTV Music Jonas Brothers artist page and watch most, if not all, of their music videos to date, and a few extras!

Apparently the catalog is rather comprehensive, so you can go check out all your old favorites by other artists while you’re there.  And I’ll be interested to see if and how music video premieres will be treated on the site…

*(Through a Jonasfan lens, I can’t help but regard this as a touch of karma for months of TRL & VMA grief.)

[Via: MTVMusic.com]

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Anyone looking for a new Jonas benchmark to cling to?  Anyone?!  😉  Time to warm up!

Well it seems the “Lovebug” video will be upon us within the next two weeks (and one assumes, the radio push for the single, etc.)!!

MTV has the slightly vague scoop on the coming media event (“out by October 15”) – one that I know has me holding my breath – as well as some of the inspiration behind the upcoming video, and the song itself, and their hopes for the listener’s interpretation of the song.

I find it very endearing that Nick has now twice referenced a cinematic source as motivation for his songwriting mojo.  And, so is he also a subconscious (or not so) Moldy Peaches fan, then?  Hm…

I notoriously drag my feet when something that’s been very hyped has passed me by…but it looks like I am going to have give in and Netflix Juno at last to see what everyone’s been raving about!

[Via: Jonas Brothers Offcial Flickr (sorely in need of an update!);  MTV]

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So, the Guys got the MTV Video Music Awards nod for Best Pop Video!!

Celebrate good times!

But the competition is (in some unjust sense) tough, I see (and see, and see, and see).

Perhaps calculatedly so?

And, oddly, though Team Jonas has notified us that they are up for Best New Artist – which would be an excellent opportunity, I think, and a much deserved “honor” (well, it is just the VMAs) among their peer group…I couldn’t find them in the list to vote for them.

The Naked Brothers Band were in the very large and all-encompassing mix of potential selections from which one could choose, so this is obviously a terrible mistake (teasing! – LBF loves that song).

Am I missing something? What gives?

Clearly a must resolve…they were the best new artist last year already, after all.  Catch up, MTV.

UPDATE: All mention of their eligibility for this category seems to have been removed.  In a word?  LAAAAAAAAAME.

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Run, Boys, Run!

Today the Guys appeared on Pete Wentz’ new show, FNMTV!

The show itself is quite intriguing and perplexing to me so far. I didn’t quite get it, but I’m rooting for it.

I think it has a lot of potential, and I wish him good luck with his good intentions…but if Pete wants me to watch it on the regular, though, he better start streaming it on the web.  I just hope the flow smooths out (and they keep the mics fully functional in future, poor Joe…not that it was a noticeable gaffe to any but the superfan).  But I am most inclined to follow FNMTV, in fact, because I feel like Wentz was giving the Boys a pretty nice break by making them the focal point of the hour so early in the series.

I’ll be honest, I found it a tiny bit awkward at first, considering some of the disrespect the Brothers have gotten from the network in general, but then, isn’t life complicated in that worldTheir first ever live performance of “Burnin’ Up” was strong and the musical diversity of the show in general was neat – though I have some opinions on other acts best left unsaid by me (ooh, but what do my blog-idols think?!).

I both hope and fear that the event (and the accompanying announcement that they will be appearing for the first time on the MTV Video Music Awards) marks a shift in their status with the MTV demo and thus, the whole of the masses.  Exciting proof as to why?  After the jump!


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