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Their brand of hopped-up power pop had the best hooks and melodies of this largely dreary night…

Thus spake the otherwise-uninspired New York Daily News’ music critic Jim Farber on the Zootopia main stage concert from Saturday night. It’s the big show put on by massive station Z100 out of New York City, and another notch on the Boys’ recent Top-40-radio-event belt.

What is it about praise that takes a swipe at others, that makes it that much sweeter? Sigh. I feel guilty about that, since I like some of the other artists, but whatever – the Boys are #1! Haha! And it needs to be recognized.

I’m so proud of them – especially considering they have more personal creative involvement in the composition of their music than many of the acts that shared their stage last night. Other performers throughout rest of said night included: Miley Cyrus, Sara Bareilles, Simple Plan, Gavin DeGraw, Ferras, OneRepublic, Jordin Sparks and the New Kids on the Block. Push Play played the parking lot with Miley Cyrus’ brother’s band, MetroStation (ooh, burn – hehe, oh I’m just kidding).

If you’re superfast, catch them still on the radio circuit tonight (Sunday, May 18 ) in Boston at 6pm – streaming live here!

More photos (and a link to video) from Zootopia, after the jump!



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“It” being NOT acting like a douche,

when everyone else does.

Listen here to Joe being awesome…on air with that cute Michael Yo, from E!.

Lucky Miley.

It’s pretty sad that this type of attitude is the exception to the rule for people, in general, these days. But at least we have the Jonases…hopefully they’ll start a trend.

Like Buck says…what would Jonas do?

UPDATE: The tabloidesque National Ledger gave up on pushing the lame Jonas-Cyrus feud “story” and actually published a nice piece on Joe’s great comments on this and other things…

Wow! People and MTV.com (and many others) followed suit.  Go, Joe!

[Via: JonasBrothersFan.com]

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Avril, Avril, Avril. Just…Shhhhh. I don’t want to dislike you, I don’t care that much and you do have catchy songs. Don’t make me have to pull a silent protest and stand with my back turned towards you during your (opening?) set on the Burning Up Tour concert I’m attending. Mmkay?

OK, I am mostly joking. But said Avril, today, regarding having the Brothers support her in Europe and a few shows Stateside:

Well I’m only doing eight shows with them. Right now, my North American tour is two and a half months, so I’m doing that just with Boys Like Girls. And then I go to Europe for two months. I could be wrong but I’m kinda helping The Jonas Brothers out by introducing them over there.

Some in the Jonasphere are already responding thusly:

i’m so qlad she’s not playinq at the concert i’m qoinq to. =D
& avril just a tip; be very careful with your comments ’cause us Jonas fans will qo crazy karate on you. lol – karen.jonas13 on JBF

This is why I love Jonas fans…it is a pure and deep love, but even hint at shunning its object, and it’s like a pack of wolves protecting their young. And it’s heavily informed by Perez Hilton. (Though most try to be nicer about it than others…like a few choice Tokio Hotel fans I mentioned. I guess every fanbase has those.)

I don’t actually think she is that wrong (or rude); she is the headliner, they are “support”, right? (Though some phrase it otherwise.) BUT it is the (mis?)perceived dismissive tone which is putting some diehard JB fans on the defensive. It is not bright to wrong these people when they will soon be front and center in your audience (and they are an audience which in my experience is very enthusiastic towards the other acts).

So is this going to be another Hannah situation, where the Boys open and bring half the crowd, but are still expected to bow down to a pop goddess who is supposed to have graciously bestowed fame upon them?

[Via: JustJared; People.com; JonasBrothersFan.com]

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