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A great little Film.com interview with Michelle Tomaszewski popped up on the wires this evening, in which she talks about just about every aspect of her (nearly 2 and a half year old!) styling collaboration with the Boys.

Hop over the jump for a nice excerpt…



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When her identity was still unknown to us, I watched some videos of the Boys’ photo shoots and posed the question whether their stylist was a “cruel sadist” (it involved Nick being dressed an awful lot like Tom Sawyer) or the “super lucky awesomest job-haver”.

Well…I think this video should lay that quandary to rest, and affirm that the truth tends towards the latter.  And if her shy, funny greeting is any indication, she has been influenced as much by the fellas as they have been by her.

I love that Michelle seems to really relish working with the Jonases, fashion-wise and personally…as it should be!!

Check it out, in the adorable new video brought to us courtesy of MySpace Fashion, SO appropriately titled “The Fit” (why yes, yes they are).  It is one of the most squee-able non-performance videos I have seen of the Guys in quite some time, and it has me beaming and clicking replay.

Take a look after the jump!


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The Boys did their red carpet time last night at the Ziegfeld Theater premiere of Camp Rock in Manhattan on Wednesday.

The (very) advance murmurs on both the soundtrack and the film itself are decidedly mixed in general, but they take time out to single the Guys out for praise. Phew. If that is how it is going to be received, I will take it!!! But I am sure there is much more to come (*fingers crossed*).

One thing people do seem to be able to agree upon is that their stylist, Michelle Tomaszewski, is doing her job very well. Perez Hilton called her out quite directly – and she deserves it!

From the Jonas Brothers Special People Magazine, catch a recent photo of Michelle at work, after the jump…


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Tonight marked the premiere of Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream, an episodic documentary on The Disney Channel. The 5 minute interstitial episodes will air now until the end of summer.

The first episode revolves around the Jonas family preparing to head out on the LMITE tour. We get to see them go on a photo shoot, which is a convenient plug for Camp Rock (this is the Disney Channel, so no shock there), planning tour wardrobe, packing, and helping out their parents at home. Nick narrates the episode.

I found it to be very charming and wholly enjoyable. We get formally introduced to their stylist Michelle Tomaszewski, a peek into their very normal looking home, and a very brief glimpse into life with Frankie (doing a little robot/dance above).

Check out the clip after the jump…


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Solved! [Styling]

Oh. Hai.

Well, the stylist mystery is ovah – Joe named names today in an interview with Michael Yo.

Her name? Michelle Tomaszewski.

Little info is out there on her just yet, but this and this look pretty reliable…if not definite. And thanks to commenter Linda, I now know that this is indeed her that I was pointing out in all those videos – with the close-cropped hair.

So there you have it!

(Image above from the Boys’ Earth Day appearance, planting trees Tuesday (4/22) at a Los Angeles elementary school. See them in action after the break!)


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UPDATE: All’s sussed out, these days.

OK. The stylist plot thickens. That is, if we are to take the Boys at their word when describing their stylist (which of course, we do). That word being the pronoun ‘she’. The Gawker post definitely had me assuming it was a guy…anyway…

Yes!…Ralph Lauren. Agree. Mmm…Purple Label. And what of their other fashion choices?


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Hopefully our insatiable desire to watch every last moment of the Jonases’ lives on YouTube (and anywhere else possible) will help us to develop an appreciation for what they have to go through for their job and fans, thanks to their current bread-and-butter: tween appeal.

This of course creates a never-ending demand for those disconcertingly creepy images (through the eyes of this non-tween) that get splashed across the pages of BOP and TigerBeat, PopStar, J14, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It amazes me how easily natural beauty can be warped.

I actually don’t think that is the type of client this photographer is shooting for here (since he has a pretty website, ha!), but in any case, we get the idea of what it takes.

Of course notice the reappearance of our mystery friend* – likely their elusive stylist – here pictured in natural habitat…the one watching happily from the couch, so…cruel sadist or super lucky awesomest job-haver? You decide! (My opinion: a touch of both.)

Just don’t say the Boys aren’t paying their dues!

Now. Jump. HIGHER.

P.S. UPDATE: All’s sussed out on that mystery, these days.

[Via: DisneyScoop and MikeRuiz1234 (YouTube)]

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