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Our buddy Zeon gave us a link to his blog where he has some awesome vids of the Boys appearing on “Los 10+ Pedidos” on MTV Latin America from 4.17.08. They are great and show interviews, games, dancing, music videos, and in-studio performances of SOS and WYLMITE.

As you can see the Boys had some funtimes, and Joe danced El Mariachi Loco as a penalty when Kevin missed his free throw. See for yourself after the jump. *UPDATE* Plus the entire MTV Live concert!

Muchas gracias Zeon!



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Los40 has posted images from the (considerably more intimate) Hard Rock Live Show in Mexico City on 4.17.08.

“The frenzy of over 800 fans nearly caused the building to collapse as the Jonas Brothers played a Básico Movistar concert at the Hard Rock Live last Thursday night.” Emmanuel Manzano [translated]

A couple more photos after the Jump. (more…)

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Barely returned home to the US, and those intrepid Brothers have gone crossing borders, AGAIN!!

Not quite so far away this time around, they spent this evening (Wednesday, 4.16) gracing the stage of Mexican radio station Los 40 Principales’ El Evento 40 for a few songs, preceding a solo step out tomorrow (Thursday, 4.17). Lucky for us, the radio station streamed live audio from the event. The guys sounded in top form! It’s actually the best I’ve been able to hear their instruments over a crowd in a good long while (much more so on the radio than in the video footage I’ve seen).

Joe, of course, offered the crowd a hearty “Hola!” and, after their set, the host even coaxed a few “Gracias, Mexico”s out of Kevin. Nicely done.

UPDATE: Video, photos and a bonus tidbit after the jump…


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