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Not a good day for the JB superfandom, as the (erstwhile “Camp Rock”) Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010 appears to have undergone some hasty restructuring, even as tourmates rehearsed away and Kevin & Danielle were prepping their packing plans.

The Sibling Revelry community appears to be particularly impacted by the reshuffling.  We may not be the ones panting that a tweet from one of the Bros will make our lives, or sneaking into meet & greets, or other demanding, frenzied activities of the fickle tween demo that is the commonly imagined JB fan –  but we ARE the superfans with itchy trigger fingers at the first second of the earliest presales – we travel, buy tickets for multiple shows – and a number of us live outside of the favored Northeastern and West Coast markets.

Clearly a day of huge disappointment for many, and I know our hearts go out to each other.  There’s always been much talk of the powers-that-be of JB management (“the PTB”, thanks for that one, Shelley!) and we can add this to the list of days when we wonder if the PTB have a clue (or care) about WDT (“we discerning types”, thanks for that one, SR charter readership! ;)).

To be fair…I’ve been reading a lot of Bob Lefsetz since Garbo & Papa J let that cat out of the bag and if I’ve learned anything from it – if the reason behind all this is indeed weak sales – the JBs are in no way alone in the struggle to repeat their previous bang-up summer sales (though the Camp Rock angle surely did NOT help).  They have some pretty healthy company in price drops and show cancellations.  We understand their struggle to run a viable tour and business, but it seems like there has to be a better way to deal with whatever is going on than cutting off your very biggest, heartland fans at the knees. So as some of us suspect, is there more at play than the bottom line?  Is there really a good reason for a revised schedule that leaves so many fans in the lurch?

Please feel free to continue to voice your most honest concerns and frustrations and thoughts here, over the jump, where – if this is all news to you – I’ve posted the text of the Brothers’ (via Team Jonas) letter of announcement/apology and the (irksome to some of us) PRNewswire release that went out in support of the tour revamp/cancellation/expansion.



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It’s Release Week, Revelers!

What happens when Kevin, Joe, and Nick get on New York/New Jersey soil?  They get an itch to play free music for people, that’s what.  We in the Jonasphere are glad of this proclivity, because the fans always win!

At 9:00am on June 11, 2009, the Jonas Brothers decided that their already busy day would not be complete without playing music for at least 700 of their closest friends.  They declared “Hey!  Let’s throw up a Show!”  And the “Jonas Brothers Live at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza” show came to be.  No one from Sibling Revelry Blog was invited, surely an oversight.  However, thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can virtually be there now and forevermore.

Read all about the show, and watch some vids after the jump!


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Bad News: Last live chat for a while!

Good News: That’s because the album is coming out and the tour is starting soon!!!

It was a chill, mumbly, yet typically goofy and occasionally hyper family affair.

Full deal, embedded after the jump!


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Today’s the Day!! – the first single from Lines, Vines & Trying Times, “Paranoid”, is fully out.  Released to radio on Friday (at least the meds-free, Radio Disney version), the album version is up on iTunes and Amazon today! I assume hard copy versions are out there, too?

Anyway. We know we all love it…but is it a hit?!  More thoughts after the jump…


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Will the wonders of modern technology never cease? Thanks to a tweet from our very own most favorite bass player, Greg Garbowsky, I learned that the recording from the Guys’ iTunes Live From Soho performance from last August 12th (part of their ALBL album release extravaganza) has been released as an EP. It is amazing!

For $5.94 you get 6 live tracks: “Shelf,” “Lovebug,” “A Little Bit Longer” (including speech), “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” “S.O.S,” and “Tonight.” You can definitely hear the crowd, but they are not too loud. And there are some pretty funny moments of people screaming (at what we can only imagine is going on on the stage), and someone yelling “get back” for a portion of “ALBL.” Classic. It is worth every penny. Click the image below to buy it from iTunes.


Follow me over the jump for a news piece on the “fandemonium” (as Joe would say) created by their appearance at the store, and some great pics from the show. You know you want to…


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Come on, America, keep moving forward
Hold your head up high
There’s no time for looking down
You will not believe where we’re going now…

We’ll save the future together!

Watch the Boys bring down the house during their performance at the Disney inaugural concert celebrating military families and – BONUS! – hear what the Guys had to say about being a part of this historic inauguration.  All after the jump.


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A couple of short cuts from Alerts as the week winds down with a flurry before the coming blizzard of Jonas activity!!

One bit of news that struck me as particularly exciting was this tidbit from the LA Times, who crunched the numbers of the top performing artists – combining CD and digital music sales, tour ticket sales – to come  up with a “real” Ultimate Top Ten list of the most successful musical artists of 2008…and guess who clocked in at #9?  In the top ten, the Jonases are keeping company with no less than the following big names: Madonna, Celine Dion, Kenny Chesney, the Eagles, AC/DC, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, and (coming up just behind the Jonases) Rascal Flatts. And I think it is worth mentioning that – especially in a total that counts tickets by overall $ale$, rather than volume of tickets sold –  the Boys’ average ticket price was the cheapest of the bunch.

Also making news is the Brothers’ press junket in support of their new Disney Channel series, Jonas, which I expect will produce a small tidal wave of coverage in the coming weeks.  Find some advance impressions, after the jump…


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