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Screenshot-1©Matthew Rolston for RollingStone.com

Most of us have probably seen the Hollywood Records press release by now – the Jonases have hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart with Lines, Vines & Trying Times!

Billboard itself soon confirmed.

Not surprising, exactly, though it is unprecedented in that it is their second #1 within a 10 month period.  It also debuted # 1 in Canada, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Central America. We don’t expect anything less of them!

Congratulations, guys!!!!

But somehow, in the rush of the world tour beginning, and an apparently soberly toned (note uberserious faces above*) Rolling Stone cover feature hitting stands shortly, this feels more like a reassuring affirmation than a moment to  happydance in the streets – the show marches on (not to mention the extracurriculars)!

And of course, the win is not without its glitches, seeing as the album has opened to roughly half of A Little Bit Longer‘s astounding opening last August, with 247,000 in sales this past week – still completely awesome, but if you’re neurotic (like me!) you know that this won’t go unnoticed

Haters – gleeful doom and gloomers that they are – will probably make much of this, but I’ll choose to look at it as the natural part of a shift, rather than as some sort of stall. That’s been the mindset that a lot of the LVaTT media of the past week has been putting us in mind of, and as proof, I’m going to hit some highlights from the recent onslaught of album reviews, the glowing and the less-glowing, that intrigued me.

Join me after the jump!

*[and I also just loved this picture and needed to justify its use.]



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It’s Here!

Lines, Vines and Trying Times has been officially released in Europe and many other places around the world. We will all get it at midnight in or respective time zones, or – if you’re lucky – you already have it in your grubby little hands thanks to super awesome Jonas Brothers Merch (or myriad other ways*). Excellent.

So… What do you think of Lines, Vines and Trying Times?

What is your favorite song, lyric, picture, etcetera? Least favorite (if applicable)? Your most effective cure for poison ivy? It is all game. Have at it!

*not to be preachy, but PLEASE support the Guys and BUY the album when you get a chance. Don’t pirate. That is all.

Watch a supercute video of the Guys picking up their CD at Walmart after the jump!


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It’s Release Week, Revelers!

What happens when Kevin, Joe, and Nick get on New York/New Jersey soil?  They get an itch to play free music for people, that’s what.  We in the Jonasphere are glad of this proclivity, because the fans always win!

At 9:00am on June 11, 2009, the Jonas Brothers decided that their already busy day would not be complete without playing music for at least 700 of their closest friends.  They declared “Hey!  Let’s throw up a Show!”  And the “Jonas Brothers Live at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza” show came to be.  No one from Sibling Revelry Blog was invited, surely an oversight.  However, thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can virtually be there now and forevermore.

Read all about the show, and watch some vids after the jump!


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T-5 days = heavy promotion time!

First we were gifted with some awesome live song performances and LVATT previews courtesy of Walmart, and if you’re inclined to hear the songs before the album comes out, leaks have been making the rounds alongside the gossipmongering and such.

Don’t forget to do what you can to check out the album previews on Radio Disney or watch Letterman tonight, whatever is your bag!

As for us, we’re hopping a Manhattan-bound Chinatown bus in a couple of hours, and will be pulling into the City that never sleeps while the Boys & Co. jam at their FREE Irving Plaza show tonight…I am excited enough that we’ll be seeing the mini set tomorrow morning as part of the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series that I can put missing that show out of mind in favor of knowing how great the YouTubery of that show is going to be (or maybe MTV will capture the whole thing properly?!  That would be GREAT.)

So hang out here, if you like, for all of this stuff.  And/or we’ll see you on Twitter!

* For this, a thanks bigger than can be adequately expressed here must go out to Merry for going way, WAY above and beyond in helping us secure some of those tickets that ABC played so hard to get with.  THANKS and we’ll get you back somehow, Mer! See you bright and early… (or at least early). 🙂

Catch the Letterman appearance after the jump!


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ForTheFans“It’s for the fans.”

You all know I am an unabashed Joe fan. I think he’s simply great; what I know of him personality-wise, in particular. I rarely forget why – there are so many obvious reasons – but occasionally something happens that reminds me more than usual why I kinda (completely) idolize this guy.

Can you honestly think of anyone else who – knowing what we know about them and how the mainstream perceives them – would follow through with a dare (it more or less started with a dare) to dance around in high heels and a leotard unitard while lipsyncing a female POV song about “putting a ring on it”?

To entertain us?

I didn’t think so.  And thanks to his total fearless abandon, I haven’t laughed so hard in an age. Anyone who doubts his commitment to the fans (and to the craft of goofballery) or refuses to recognize his fundamental awesomeness is a nutjob! Says me. (I said GOOD DAY.)

Proof after the jump!


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A friendly reminder that the new video for “Paranoid” will premiere on the Disney Channel at 7:50 pm EST on Saturday May 23. Don’t miss it!

Also, a very friendly reminder from the Guys to pile on the radio support for “Paranoid” at your local Top 40 radio station (whether you are a listener or not).  As the Guys say, be persistent, but be nice.

Dubbed “Operation  Paranoid”, the goal is to get “Paranoid” to #1 (they are at #37 on the Billboard Charts right now).  Listen to their plea, and then get texting, emailing, and calling! How can you refuse?

The Guys also did a “Paranoid” video behind the scenes interview with Myspace. It will have to tide you over until the video premieres.

Check out the behind the scenes, after the jump!


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Today’s the Day!! – the first single from Lines, Vines & Trying Times, “Paranoid”, is fully out.  Released to radio on Friday (at least the meds-free, Radio Disney version), the album version is up on iTunes and Amazon today! I assume hard copy versions are out there, too?

Anyway. We know we all love it…but is it a hit?!  More thoughts after the jump…


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