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SO GRATIFYING – the majority of reviews of the Boys’ recent performances are not only positive, but becoming less and less reluctant and/or backhanded about it. This even from the kings and queens of snark at Idolator and THE New York (freakin’) Times! Enjoy:

JON CARAMANICA of The New York Times:

Slickly choreographed and arranged, Zootopia thrilled in inverse proportion to the age of its performers — beginning loudly with the Jonas Brothers (average age: 18), dulling in the middle with a reunited New Kids on the Block (average age: 38 ) and finishing, amid a sea of shrieks, with Ms. Cyrus (age: 15).

Conveniently, the youngest performers were also the ablest. The Jonas Brothers, who play instruments and sing as a full-service boy band, veered from loose-limbed rock (“Hold On”) to intense balladry (“When You Look Me in the Eyes”). They were a model of precision.

MAURA JOHNSTON of Idolator on Zootopia:

Speaking of the JBs, they played a tight little set that was something of an improvement of what I saw during their Jingle Ball appearance in December—not only could I actually hear the music through the discrete screeches of young ladies thanks to my relocating to a conveniently located breezeway midway through their set, the band sounded pretty tight, and [Joe] Jonas’ stage-presence quotient has gone through the roof, with his white pants and purple sweater making me wonder if he’s started taking notes on Gabe Saporta’s crowd-working strategies.

RICK MASSIMO of the Providence Journal on the KISS show:

The Jonas Brothers made a bigger impression on the teen girls in my section at least, and it was hard not to wonder what would become of them in a few years. There’s nothing harsher than the backlash against an aging teen-pop act — The New Kids could tell them that — and some of the sillier Jonas material (such as “Year 3000”) is ripe for ridicule. But there were solid pop hooks in “That’s Just the Way We Roll” and “Hold On,” which bode well for the group’s eventual staying power.

Something tells me doing these communal shows where their skill and professionalism are held up against so many other performers has been something of a lucky critical break for them. Baby steps!

Hope you’re proud, fellas!!!

Some video proof of what the fuss was about after the jump!



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