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Episode two of Jonas Brothers Living the Dream 2: World Tour! This one is titled “Healthy Living” and is narrated by Joe.

This episode is all about Joe’s commitment to living a healthy life. This is achieved by eating well, helped by his passion for healthy cooking, and exercising regularly helped by his personal trainer Joey Rubino.  We get to see Joe do some running, and then he is off to Restaurante Botin where he takes lessons from the chef to cook the Jonas clan a fresh, healthy meal.

Hey Joe, the food looked amazing! Even the baby eels! YUM!

Check out the episode after the jump!



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Here’s a quick teaser vid for Katie Couric’s All Access Grammy Special which will air on CBS at 9pm EST on February 4th.

The Guys are asked about their influences, both personal and from the music industry (though they are intertwined), and who they would like to have dinner with. There is not a lot new, but I think that is awesome! Who wants an inconsistent rock star who doesn’t love his parents? Not me.

Check it out after the jump!


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Tonight’s 20/20 interview with the Jonas family was nothing ground breaking. For a superfan, like myself, it could even be considered a little boring (with a couple of exceptions I will outline below). This was a segment clearly for the wholly uninitiated, and taken in that regard I give it a C.

Why? Read all about it after the jump.


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This post is not so much a flashback as it is an examination of the evolving fame of the Guys and how (thankfully) they have remained their own awesome selves. I got the idea from coolmom after she commented on the last radio post I did. Thanks for the idea, coolmom!

The JB have done some great radio interviews, some of which we have shared with you, but they seem to have a special relationship with Johnjay and Rich. Theirs was the first Top 40 morning radio show who featured the Jonas Brothers and the Boys have been loyal ever since. They got to jam on stage with the Boys in July 2007, go backstage at The Best of Both Worlds Tour, and were the go-to-guys to make the free acoustic show in Tuscon in January 2008 happen. Johnjay and Rich were also given the Top 40 radio premiere of Burnin’ Up.

But their relationship is not just about quid pro quo (I am sure that JohnJay and Rich have picked up some loyal listeners and the Guys were exposed to a huge market). There is an ease in their interactions that has generated some priceless Jonas moments.

It sure doesn’t hurt that Kevin, Joe, and Nick have such generous personalities that make them a joy to pay attention to always, but these interviews are special, candid, and fun.

Enjoy all of the Johnjay and Rich interviews with the Boys to date (minus one from mid-January I couldn’t find – if you know where it is, post in the comments!) after the jump, plus a super awesome bonus interview with Mama J.


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This week’s episode of LTD is all about Mom and Dad Jonas.

The episode titled “Our Mom and Dad” gives us a glimpse of family life on the road with the Jonases. We learn a little about Denise and Kevin’s singing careers and how they instilled the love of music in their boys (thank you!). We get to see how Mama Jonas keeps things homey, tidy, and under control on the bus and how Papa Jonas manages and coaches the Guys (and the band) to hit the right notes every time. Joe narrates.

What a wonderful thing to be able to let your parents know how much you love and appreciate them in such a way. It is very sweet.

Enjoy…after the jump.


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How things have changed. Just when I think there can’t be a greater deluge of coverage for the Guys, down it pours. This Camp Rock premiere week has been something else!!! Don’t underestimate the power of the junket.

So…between monitoring/purchasing their music releases on iTunes, reading the daily blogs on MySpace, watching new videos on YouTube and reading all these articles (plus a draining week at work, for me) – not to mention the anticipation for the movie and premiere of the official Burning Up video on the Disney Channel – there has been precious little time to process it all. Breathe.

Now listen to reason, from the grand old New York Magazine’s Vulture, which always speaks the hilarious truth:

On Friday, they’ll rally their armies with their latest propaganda film, Camp Rock, premiering on the Disney Channel at the revolution-friendly time of 8 p.m. Next, they’ll launch a 46-date summer tour of North America (footage of which will be shot for their forthcoming 3-D concert movie), release their third album A Little Bit Longer on August 12, and then begin shooting their own television show, J.O.N.A.S., a “comedy-adventure spy series” (while stealing nuclear secrets under the guise of being actors on a scripted TV program, presumably). At this point, any resistance is inadvisable, as their absolute victory, and subsequent enslavement of all humanity, is now certainly inevitable. But will it be enough for the Jonases? “I think we live our lives the best we can,” Kevin Jonas tells the Times, ominously. “We’ve grown up with the idea that even when you’re at the top, act like you’re at the bottom.” They will crush you. – “You Are Now Entering the Season of the Jonas”

Better? I thought so. Now, here are a few of the choiciest nuggets distilled and aggregated from the best and most interesting of the press…(after the jump!)


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Without a certain Mr. Paul Kevin Jonas (The First) there would be – for many obvious and I am sure many not-so-obvious, reasons – NO Jonas Brothers. (Ack!) In this sweet article, kindly offered up by The Orlando Sentinel today on Father’s Day, he talks about his Boys:

Nicholas, from the time he was 3 years old, was writing songs. He’s very focused. He plays every instrument on the stage. Kevin is an incredible guitarist, but he has a real art for fashion, design. Joe is kind of my Jim Carrey — a crazy, fun, creative, comedic person. His life desire, when he was growing up, was to be on a variety show and do comedy. They each have focuses that are different. Mixed together, it seems to work.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen any fans as loyal and as encouraging as the Jonas Brothers fans. I’ve lived my life in music. It really is special wherever we go. Even in Europe, it was the same thing. Just crazy love.

Awesome. We’re thankful for all the work he does in helping bring that to us, too! Here’s to you, Mr. Jonas – enjoy your day!!

[Via: The Orlando Sentinel; JonasPones(Flickr)]

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