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Cambio.com … This just may not suck as much as Fan Family Experience!

OK, before you let loose in the comments calling me a naive Kool-Aid drinker, let me just say that my expectations were so low for today’s announcement that a well-produced two and half (or so) minute video filled with a bunch of my favorite people struck me the right way.

What we know:

  • It is a website that will have lots of stuff and has the possibility to be cool (or not).
  • “Cambio” means change (which makes you want to nibble on your finger nails), but it also means exchange (which I think is more of what they are going for).

Pros and cons for this not-yet-fully-revealed website, plus the announcement video after the jump.



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Happy “Who I Am” day, everybody!

No, it is not Bizzaro World. Nick hasn’t bumped his head (as far as we know). It is a true fact that Nick’s second solo album “Who I Am” recorded with his band The Administration has dropped. That’s right. It’s finally here!

It has been a busy day (and it’s not over yet). Nick met with fans in Santa Monica, did some live streaming, and released a new video (we always love them).

For those of you who were holding out for today, what are your thoughts? I am just giving it my first listen now, so I will have to get back to you…

Check out the new video after the jump, and pick up “Who I Am” at your favorite CD place, or download from Amazon.com or iTunes. Do we really need to stress that you should BUY the music again? We will anyway. Buy it, don’t steal it – please.

I am also adding the first Modelinia video below…because I can.



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…because I was unable to go to the free concert the Guys gave last night at The House Of Blues in LA for their family, closest friends, and 800 very lucky fans.

The concert seem to have had a very laidback feel with lots of special guests and covers of favorite songs. It was really a celebration of music, love, and friendship resulting in what seems to have been an amazing experience. It was a party.

I really know nothing about the show other than what can be gleaned from some clandestinely recorded vids that have appeared on YouTube, so I apologize if I omit anything.

From what I can piece together the Guys covered John Mayer, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Switchfoot, Coldplay,  and Stevie Wonder with the help of Jordin Sparks, Demi Lovato, Jesse McCartney, Dan Aykroyd, Honor Society and Frankie J (no, not that one). We also get to hear JT and Ryan cover a classic.

Moreover, we get to see a whole new Jonas Brothers – where Nick messes up and laughs about it, Joe sings with beautiful melancholy, and Kevin belts out in a way that would make any red-blooded woman faint flat out.

All right, pick your jaw up off of the floor and follow me over the jump for vids! w00t vids!


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But Jordin Sparks stole the show (even though the Boys’ performance was flawless).

It became clear nearly from the outset that the Guys were going to be used as the butt of an ongoing bit that (we are sure) was due to continue throughout the entirety of the (very tedious) show. It seemed that the host, Russell Brand, was planning to bring to fruition his plot (at 6:17) to collect each of the Boys’ purity rings and display them as trophies. Jordin nipped that in the bud with this brilliant comment:

“All right, I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It is not bad to wear a promise ring ’cause not everybody (guy or girl) wants to be a slut.”

…and that was the end of that.

We love her.

I thought they looked great (especially Kevin in his black on black ensemble), their performance was the best televised performance I have seen them do, and Taylor Swift did a gracious and lovely job introducing them. They are all lucky to have her, and Jordin, as friends.

The fact that they won neither of the awards they were up for is secondary.

click the image below to check out their performance!

So…What are your thoughts on the VMAs?

[Via: MTV.com]

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