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It was a beautiful morning in NYC, and fans poured into Rumsey Playfield to see JB and Demi Lovato perform on Good Morning America.

Sadly, my plans for spending my morning in Central Park with great friends and great music didn’t work out, but I could still watch it all unfold. OK, I slept through most of it, but I caught the gorgeous videos at abcnews.com, all of which I’ve included in this post.

It was the normal GMA setup, some chitchat, a few songs, a little more chitchat. They performed “LA Baby”, “Burnin’ UP”, “Can’t Back Down” with Demi (and some dancers – *cringe*), “SOS”, and “Please Be Mine” (swoon).

Yes, the dancers were scary, but I love Nick on drums and Joe on guitar. I am just going to have to come to term with dancers, aren’t I? *Sigh*, whatevs…they looked great, and sounded great.

Check out the performances and interviews after the jump.



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Kevin, Joe, and Nick “took over” Radio Disney yesterday and had a nice chat with Ernie D.

They talk about Frankie’s cast tan, broken bones, costumes, new jokes, cereal, Joe’s glasses, and their favorite concerts they have been to as fans (hint: it has something to do with a Beatle). They also talk about Camp Rock 2, and tell some funny behind the scenes stories, and the second season of JONAS (which they seem very excited about), and Oceans, which premieres this weekend.

They talk a little bit about the fact that we have had no new music from them in a while (Kevin says they are prepping, and have lots of things coming up that will all hit at once) and they talk about the upcoming summer tour and how it will be “unlike any tour we (Jonas Brothers) have done before.” That part kinda made me want to throw up (considering the aforementioned rumors) – I am excited for a tour, but also terrified. No point in worrying about it now, I suppose.

There is also a lot of very cute interaction involving the Guys giving Ernie D tips to help with his stint as co-emcee at the T.J. Martell Foundation Family Day coming up this weekend.

Take a listen for yourself after the jump!


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A very nice 4 minute-plus segment on the new season of JONAS from Entertainment Tonight!

In the clip, the Guys and Chelsea Staub talk all about how different this season will be from the last – truly JONAS 2.0 (hmmm, maybe Cambio does mean change). All say it will be bigger and better now that the premise has been unshackled from the stuffy sound stage and high school set. Kevin also says, that much like in his own life, his character takes on a more grown up role in this season. It should be interesting to see.

What we learn (or I learned, since I have kinda had my head in the sand) is that the rooftop concert they’ve been talking about filming is in the first episode (can’t wait!).

We also get a little insight into the rest of their year:

  • They are planning a world tour (YAY!…we think? Now there are fresh rumors to be considered…)
  • And maybe, at some point in the future (possibly within the current plane, but maybe tangential to it, or perpendicular, whichever feels better, or maybe it is really just a rhombus) a new album (bloo…). I don’t dig the wishy-washy, Nick. If there are no plans, don’t mention it. I mean, I want to go to Paris again at some point in the future, but you don’t hear me talking about it all the time..oh wait…


Follow the jump to watch the clip now!


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A *new* JONAS – YAY!

It’s the season finale – BOOOO!

Living The Dream 2.0 starts next week! – YAAAAAAY!

I loved this episode because it served almost as a clip show, but with no clips, and featured lots of music including a ballad version of “I Left My Heart In Scandinavia.”  Many of us saw this episode in French a few weeks back thanks to YouTube, but is nice to see the episode it its entirety now.

Read all about it after the jump!


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Joe just tweeted this fly picture of the brothers Jonas checking out the view thinking about…

Sitting here thinking… (fill the blank) – joejonas

What do you thing they are thinking about? Craft services, the smog level in LA, what’s going on in that red building, when is the soundtrack for the first season of JONAS coming out? The possibilities are endless…

Let us know what YOU are thinking.

[via: joejonas (twitter)]

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Cold Shoulder [TeeVee]

{This review is an excerpt from the post You’ve Been Jo’Bro’d! . It has been reposted here  for your convenience – Cpaig}

This show is Kevin-centric and I am unapologetic in my assessment of its adorableness.  Kevin’s acting is spot on in his endearing adoration of the statuesque, Norse girl-goddess who stole his heart during their Scandinavian tour.  In addition, Anya herself is hilarious, lifting, and tossing Kevin like a rag doll as they dance together and otherwise explore their shared eccentricities.

However, lest these marvy attributes aren’t enough, there is the fact that Kevin SINGS A SOLO!

Read on…


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Now this is a Sibling Revelry first!


You heard that right, a CONTEST!

The Build-A-Bear Workshop folks were nice enough to provide us with a lovingly crafted JONAS dog for us to give away to one lucky blog reader! THAT MEANS (one of) YOU!*

Take to the jump to learn how to enter to win your very own JONAS puppy dog (dog-tag included)!

*What did we get for presenting this promotion? Well, full disclosure, we got a free JONAS puppy for our little LBF. She loves him (he is even much cuter/softer/sweeter than I imagined!) and has named him Furray…like “Murray”, but with an “F”.


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