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The wonderful thing about the format of Living The Dream is that it manages to cut the chaff, get to the point, and thus can exist as a perfect morsel of Jonas wonderfulness. This is one of those episodes.

Sure,  it may be because the subject matter is so heartwarming, but so are the images captured by the film crew and valued by the editor. We who feel inexorably connected to the Jonasphere  know all about Change for The Children, the dozens of wonderful events they have participated in, and the role as advocates the Guys seem to take in stride. We know these things are in their hearts, and it is one of the reasons we love them so much.

On a lighter note, I also love how they feel they have to subtitle the lovely girls in the hospital (we would have known what they were saying no matter what). I especially love the baseball game* and Kevin playing foosball with the little girl (high fives!).

Watch it for yourself after the jump.

*Basketball – oops! 😉



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Week 7, and they are spending it all in California!

Let’s listen to a lovely bit of “stringian” Christa Black (a song obviously beloved by her tourmates) to mark the occasion! Check it out here: California Sunshine.*

OK – with that playing in the background, I will be using this post to compile pictures, videos, and tweets – yes tweets – tweets are back!

Please post links, pictures, videos (or whatever you like) in the comments, as well as your experiences if you are going to any of these shows – like Lenzmom, MyKidsThinkImWeird, Tlatzotzontli (who else?!) – let us know how it all went down!!!

*Hey, if you like it as much as we do, you can buy her track HERE.


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Life charges ever forward, and so does the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009! Can you believe it’s week 6!

We’re still glowing from our own recent first person JB experiences, and feel we’ve neglected Pittsburgh, but we’re still trying to keep up…with such an incredible amount going on every day.

This week JB are in St. Louis, Kansas City, Mexico, and Las Vegas!

Monica & Sondra are both attending shows (Kansas City & Vegas respectively) and other proceedings – we can’t wait to hear your reports back!

Share your links & thoughts after the jump…


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World Tour Week 3!

Another busy week, and goodness knows what they have in store for us!  Follow along to find out!

So far we have Jonas Records, and Softball!


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This week is all about Canada! Well… Canada and the good ol’ U. S. of A.!

(OK, so I know I was not so great with updates last week – and the post was kinda trumped by Rolling Stone, and Nick J. I promise to be better, but if the tweets get too overwhelming I will just do highlights.)

Follow along as they continue to tour…


…after the jump!

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*clap* *clap* *clap* clap*

Deep in the heart of Texas!

We are on the road again…Jonasing, off to see the world tour opener in Dallas, Texas! I am just a little beside myself about it. We have been promised a great show, with guests and surprises, and I know the Guys will not let us down!

We will be updating from the road* via this post (sweet!) and twitter. So, come along with us, won’t you?

On the road updates, and my inspiration for my post title, after the jump! YEEEHAW!

P.S. I wish you were all actually coming with us!

If you are not interested in staging spoilers don’t click through.


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JBBA09Buenos Aires…Big Apple!

Buenos Aires is totally, totally rad…
– John Taylor (Twitter)

Charging full steam ahead on their World Tour, JB is in Argentina today for the usual (pressers, etc) and a show. Tomorrow they will be in Brazil!

I will update this post with Argentina updates as they become available.


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