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That was fast! Nearly as soon as it started, the Burnin’ Up Tour is now one for the history books. It has been fun. Funner still were the periodic blogs from the Guys when they were on the road.

Much like I did when they were blogging from Europe, I created a collage for (nearly) ever blog post. There were more dates (46) and less collages (16) but I still had fun! Hope you did too.

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Apparently, the Boys really ARE planning on taking over the world! Well, by means of a tour anyway. No real details yet, other than they are going to Brazil.

They have also had a wicked summer of touring, are grateful for us putting in so much energy into making their dreams come true, and want to answer any (appropriate) questions we might have:

We would like to answers questions from our fans.
We are inviting you to ASK US ANY QUESTION YOU WANT TO ASK.
Leave your questions as a response to this Blog and we will pick some to answer over the next couple weeks.
Remember to keep all questions appropriate.
Looking forward to hearing from you


I am sure we can come up with a few questions, right? I say we try to come up with some really good ones (that don’t involve asking them to bowl or those other long comments I don’t have the patience to read). Put on your thinking caps, and go ask some awesome questions!

Upcoming appearances:

Sunday, September 7 – MTV VMAS – 9 PM ET (Sharp!)
Monday, September 8 – Ellen  – Check your local listings!

OK, everyone it’s the end of the tour, and this will be my last collage (for now).

[Via: Jonas Brothers Official MySpace, Wordle (collage background), Joefan (awesome screencap)]

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More from the Boys’ tour blog. Today (OK,  yesterday) they are giving us a heads up for all of the things they have coming up this week.

We are on our way right now into New York to perform on GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

For those in NEW YORK…We hope we see you there.

Can’t wait for this week and all the special things we have planned for the release of our new CD.

Good Morning America
5 Shows in the New York City area (including 3 Madison Square Gardens)
Special concert/listening party for Z100 to air next week
MTV following us from tomorrow night thru Saturday


They are actually being a bit modest with the TRL thing. They are co-hosting the show on 8.12.08, and the whole week is (effin’)  Jonas Brothers Fan Week!

[Via: Jonas Brothers Official MySpace]

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Busy is not the word.

The Boys successfully negotiated a jam packed schedule on one coast and then leapfrogged Middle America and did it again on the other.

Monday we were on the TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno. Ben Stiller was on the show with us. He is so funny. Hope we get to work with him someday. The performance was outside and the crowd was crazy.

We went from there to SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE where we filmed for the finale tomorrow night.

Tuesday we flew to New York and visited some friends at their concert at the Knitting Factory. They killed it. Saw a lot of friends.

We also released our new song, A LITTLE BIT LONGER, on ITunes. It was our fastest song to reach Number 1! Thanks again.

Today we had a BIG PRESS CONFERENCE concerning A LITTLE BIT LONGER and Nick’s DIABETES. We really hope that this will help make a difference in people’s lives.

Tonight’s show in Baltimore was unbelievable. So amazing to be able to sing our songs for all of you.

Tomorrow is one of our favorite cities…BOSTON! Can’t wait.


They forgot to mention blowing off Larry King for Ryan Seacrest , and Nick and Denise appearing on Fox and Friends to talk about Juvenile Diabetes. All this as they count down to the release of A Little Bit Longer on Aug. 12.

Still on the docket are shows in Boston and NYC and an appearance on Good Morning America tomorrow, and Regis and Kelly on Tuesday.

Click through the jump to see Nick’s amazing speech from the press conference, and the Boys performing “Tonight” on the Tonight Show!


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The latest blog post from our favorite Guys is full of nothing but love and gratitude (and we love it)!

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of you. We would not be doing what we love without you and your support.

Thanks for the votes
Thanks for the requests
Thanks for buying the music and CDs


Thanks for the smiles
and Love


You really are the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD

AWWWW…. well, shucks….


And Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you give to us!

Check out some of what the Guys were up to this week and see what they have upcoming as they head into the final stretch towards the release of A Little Bit Longer. After the jump…


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Another great couple of days for our favorite Guys! They had their first stadium show, were given 15 pounds of milk chocolate, and they had a show in Connecticut.

We were in Hershey PA for the largest show of the summer. Over 30,000 people filled our first ever stadium show. Last summer we were in the park in front of 600 people in 2 shows. We simply could not believe our eyes (and ears). IT was unbelievable. There were so many people and they were all so excited. We heard that there were people there all day celebrating. They even had a tail gating party. They gave us each a 5 pound chocolate bar with our pics on it. They told us that they had only done that for us and the Rolling Stones. Pretty unbelievable.

Last night we were in Hartford, Conn. We still remember our first sell out ever was in HArtford (there were 100 people in the club). Last night there were 21,000. It is so crazy! It was one of the loudest crowds of the summer.

Today is a day off THEN we will leave tomorrow to visit a hospital for kids with serious illness. Then we are off to OHIO for shows.


We had the extreme pleasure of being 2 of the 30,000+ at the Hershey show. It was unforgettable. Get our thorough take on the event in an earlier post.

Joe also gave a radio interview to Alice 107.7 in Arkansas while in Hershey which you can listen to here. He talks about their intention to start planning a world tour in the new year, among other things.

See a silly vid of the Boys riding their Segways at Hershey after the jump! (And you know what Segways say about a person, right?)


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Another busy day for the Boys. They had a press conference and then took a ride in a car of some sort. They describe it better:

What a day! We started the day with a press conference. We actually have a group of press showing up on specific days while we are on tour. Today was special because we were able to give a donation from the Jonas Brothers’ Change For the Children Foundation to the UN Nothing But Nets charity that provides protective nets for children in Africa to protect them from possible Malaria. Check out changeforthechildren.org for details of how you can help.

After the press conference we went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and rode in the cars around the speedway. It was so fast but so fun.

The concert was electric. There were almost 19,000 people there. It feels like the show gets better each night. We really can’t wait to see all of you while we are out on tour.

Yesterday was big because our ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE COVER came out. You can get it now on stands everywhere. WE are so honored to be on the cover and have an article in Rolling Stones. Hope you like it.


Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see the show!

If you haven’t already, do hop on over and check out the Change for the Children Foundation site. It is a wonderful way to help people and give back a little.

The Rolling Stone cover has created a little drama, in the comments on the RS website at least, visit our earlier post on the topic and join in the discussion about the hubbub (oh, and the hotness 😉 ). Their appearance on the cover of Forbes will likely not cause such a fracas.

[Via: Jonas Brothers Official MySpace]

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