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The final episode of LTD! This one is all about endings, new beginnings, and believing in your dreams.

The episode, titled “Dream On”, is all about the end of the tour and how it is full of craziness, and in the case of the LMITE tour, home. We get to see the Guys visit some old haunts in their home town Wyckoff, NJ (The Garden Town, In The Garden State). We see them at their old school playground, attempt to get some water ice and custard (AKA a Rita’s Gelati) and marvel at their final venue, the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, a place they never even dreamed they would play (never mind sell out).

They are very sweet and nostalgic and talk about how it is so important for them to stay those humble boys from New Jersey. They also talk about how so many songs from Jonas Brothers were written in that little red house in Wyckoff. Kevin narrates.

Check it out after the jump! PLUS see Frankie’s time in the spotlight and the finale of the tour!



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This week’s episode of LTD is all about how “Jonas Brothers” is more than three brothers – it’s a corporation.

The episode, titled “We Are The Boss”, chronicles how the Boys are brothers, best friends, and business partners. We get to see that they want to call the shots on everything from posters to styling, videos to stage design.

We are treated to a brainstorming/planning session for the stage for the Burnin’ Up Tour. They want to have control of every detail, but being that there are three of them, they don’t always agree on everything (12 feet or 20 feet – I think Nick won that argument). Nick is the dreamer, Kevin the planner, and Joe the idea guy (which I think is totally giving Joe short shrift).

They also discuss how they feel the responsibility of being the head of a company that employs upwards of 70 people, and how it can be awkward to boss around adults. Kevin narrates.

Check it out after the jump.


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Another unaired episode of LTD! This one is all about how the Guys are each individuals despite their perceived group persona and the fact that they really do spend nearly every moment together.

In the episode, titled “It Is Cool To Be Different”, we hear how the Guys see each other and how they feel about their status as role models. We learn that Kevin takes his job as the oldest brother very seriously and feels the burden of having 3 brothers who look up to him. He is the responsible one, but is also gregarious, goofy, and amusingly histrionic. Joe is the “jokester” who entertains everyone with his self deprecating humor, unafraid to risk life and limb (and forehead) for a bit. Nick is the competitive perfectionist who is hard on himself if he screws up (he is even hard on himself about being a perfectionist).  We also hear how they pride themselves on being wholesome and positive examples for their fans, how they love their fans, and how no one should ever be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Nick narrates.

For anyone who has devoted any time to watching Jonas Brothers interviews and media, these characterizations of the Guys are not surprising, but it is cool to hear how they see each other (and themselves). They seem pretty self aware for their age. It was also cool, and a little terrifying, learning more about Joe’s accident (50 to 60 stitches – ow, Joe! – there must have been blood everywhere – EEK!).

Check out the vid after the jump (plus a bonus)!


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Frankie! Frankie! Frankie! This week’s episode of LTD is all about Frank The Tank (AKA The Bonus Jonas).

In this episode, titled “Rock Star In Training”, we get the opportunity to learn a little more about the youngest Jonas Brother. We get to see how “having rock star brothers sometimes hurts your ears”, that his brothers adore and worship him (Joe wants “to be him so bad”), and that he is not afraid to play favorites (though they change from time to time). We also get to see Nick and Joe helping Frankie with some songwriting. It is very sweet. Nick narrates.

Get to know Frank a little better for yourself, after the jump (and then check out a humorous Frankie Jonas bonus)!


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Tonight’s LTD was all about Nick’s diabetes. Those of you who have been to a show on the Burnin’ Up Tour will recognize most of it as the video that precedes Nick’s performance of “A Little Bit Longer”.

The episode, titled “Nothing’s Gonna Slow Me Down,” focuses on Nick, but features his whole family. We hear how Nick is the “Commander in Chief” of the band, but he counts on his brothers and family when things get bad, like when he received his diagnosis. We hear how he manages his carb intake and blood sugar. We get to see his Omnipod and hear how keeping his blood in check is not as easy as he makes it seem. He also talks about writing “A Little Bit Longer“. Nick narrates.

This episode made me cry. For real. The parts that got me the most were when Nick was talking about how “No one can ever really relate to how you feel,'” and when, while talking about how he dedicates “A Little Bit Longer” to anyone with a broken heart, or who is having a hard time, he feels a connection with the audience that says “I’m here for you, you’re here for me. Let’s sing.” Having experienced that first hand myself I can say it is a very powerful moment (cue the sobbing tweens – and not so tweens).

I won’t reiterate what I said in an earlier post about Nick, but long story short, I think he is amazing.

Check it out after the jump (grab some tissues on your way).


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Tonight’s LTD was all about how each of the Brothers is an integral part of the “Jonas Brothers Puzzle” and how doing what each of them does best creates a perfect balance.

In the episode, titled “Musical Scrap Book”, we learn how each of them see their role in the band, that they see their songs as a personal “musical scrapbook”, and that the best songs write themselves. When it comes down to it they just write what is going on in their lives and are thrilled that it connects with people of all ages. Nick narrates.

Specifically Nick talks about how “SOS” was just him venting over a personal experience and they love how it is so upbeat at the same time. What is true of “SOS” is also true of “Tonight” and it is a wonderful way to get the angst out!

Check it out after the jump!


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OK, so a couple months back I kind-of complained loudly that people peripheral to the Jonas Family (especially the Band) were given no recognition on Living the Dream. I take it all back. It turns out I was just being impatient. I should have had more faith.

Today’s LTD was devoted entirely to their band and tour family.

The episode, entitled “We Are Family!”, introduces us not only to the band, but over a dozen other key members of the family. The essential “players” are presented in the manner of a sports team. We also get to meet Nick’s BFF Maya and her mom Kiyoko who are MVPs and honorary Jonases. We hear the sad story of how Kiyoko and Maya came to be adopted into the Jonas family as well as see some super cute pics and home movies of Nick and Maya growing up together. It is very sweet. Kevin narrates.

They are very lucky to have such a dedicated extended family.

Check out the episode after the jump, and see the list of the real Team Jonas.


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