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I have had the Extended DVD Edition of the Jonas Brothers The Concert Experience for less than a day, but I can already tell that it will be both one of my prized possessions as a Jonas Brothers fan, and one of my greatest sources of frustration as a discerning-type Jonasphere observer.

When I saw that the DVD contained extra songs, I was delighted.  More JB for me to love, repeatedly.  Two songs extend the movie itself:  “A Little Bit Longer” and “Can’t Have You.”  Both are great, and I am thrilled that performances of both these songs are captured for all time.  The Bonus Features also include two concert songs:  “Lovebug” and “Shelf,” as well as a Behind the Scenes feature:   “Up Close and Personal with The Jonas Brothers.”  Such riches, can my DVD player and computer contain the wonderfulness of it all?

Discussion of the DVD, after the jump!



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The Guys are in Rio for the premiere of JB3DCE, some sightseeing, and to play a show. Luckily they will be in town for a couple of days to complete this list of tasks.

All accounts are that Rio was wild with fans (and encircled guards with their arms spread – impenetrable!).  South America is really doing a good job of showing their JB love. That is for sure.

Come over the jump for aggregated tweets, premiere pics, etc.

I will update this post with Brazil stuff when it becomes available.


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WOW! That was fast! The Guys have been and gone from London in a flash, but still managed to get their to do list completed.

Jonas Brothers London To Do List:

They Tweeted:

London, thank you so much for the hospitality and support….we love you and cant wait to see you again on June 15th – JB [twitter]

And they blogged:

We just got to the hotel following our 3D Movie Premiere in London.  It was amazing.  So many people came out to see us and show their support.  It was so loud and we felt so much love from the fans in the UK.  Thank you to everyone here and back home for making this possible.


Nicely done, Guys!

They are now onto South America for some dates with tons of stuff to come as they roll into the release of LVaTTs and their world tour!

Follow me over the jump for their appearance on The Paul O’Grady Show!


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What a weekend, indeed.

We all swung back and forth from happy butterflies in our stomachs to nausea as we navigated the turbulent and clashing realities: the euphoria of seeing Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (a wonderful concert film that we all loved) and reading unyieldingly harsh press* on the film. Though there were some encouraging bright spots, it was kind of a rough weekend in the Jonasphere. (*But that brought some lessons, at least, like that the hype machine is a fickle “friend” that can turn on you, fast, fair or not.)

It was exhausting, and I didn’t have to travel 6,ooo miles in less than 3 days like the Guys did. I hope it was a less turbulent journey for them (on the airplane anyway).

But safe landings after bumpy trips are where fans come in, right?! That’s who they were doing all that flying around for, anyway.  Awesome.

They blogged all along the way (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x), and even a little on Just Jared. They also gave us a recap:

What a weekend! We have traveled so much over the last few days trying to see as many of our fans as possible. It was an unbelievable experience to go to the different places and pop in on our fans. We will never forget the looks on the faces of the people in the theaters when we just walked in. It is worth it to see this kind of reaction.

We have been reading your comments and messages on all of our sites throughout the weekend. Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoyed the movie. It really is something we are proud of and excited for people to see. Thank you for going to the midnight screenings, multiple screenings of the movie, inviting your friends, uploading videos and pictures, etc. It is a tough time for many right now and we are thankful to you for choosing to come to our movie this weekend.


We learned that Timbaland has done a remix of “Tonight” that is available now through Verizon (and is on YouTube), and the movie came in #2 at the box office for the weekend (nothing to sneeze at – the box office take was more than admirable, it was awesome – just the projections and hype were ridic).

And then they uttered two words that brightened my day…


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OK.  That is a heck of a mouthful of a post title for this loooong musing. It’s probably for the bravest among you to endure in detail (or just skip if you aren’t in the mood for neurotic fretting, LOL…to quote Big Rob: Go, save yourselves!).

Anyway – at least for myself – it needed to be stated. It’s been a very Jonas-y weekend, so while I have been savoring them, I’ve also had lots of time to reflect on their recent career happenin’s.

That title quote was encouragingly well-put by a repeat voice-of-reason, critic & rock expert (and my current, unofficial boo) Chris Willman. It came as a great relief to me last night in a Huffington Post blog piece entitled: Jonas Haters, You Have Nothing to Fear But JoBro-Phobia Itself“. Like me, he’s apparently been pushed to edge by raging anti-Jonas backlash.

I was working up a doozy of a handwringing post…prompted by the frantic dismay that came from reading too many soul-crushingly negative reviews and now so-called “bleak” box office predictions (which I plow through out of a morbid sense of bloggerly obligation) for the 3-D Concert Experience and other hateful nonsense. I was feeling riddled with indignance and even some self-doubt; Chris’ column helped bring me back to a Jonas-friendly Earth.

Do I really care about what critics think? Not individually, no. They’re just regular people with the same baggage and frequently off-base preconceptions as all of us. They can’t tell me what to think or enjoy.  But what bothered me was the trend: a critical mass of mocking disapproval – that despite managing to pull off a Grammy nomination and more under-the-radar musical accomplishments, the average cultural commentator thinks it’s OK to treat the Boys at best as a guilty pleasure, at worst as a joke. It’s not the industry role I think they deserve.

Needless to say it was bumming me out to have so few credible people stand up for the Boys and what made me take notice of them – skilled musicianship and stellar stage presence that makes them worthy of their now-overwhelming hype.

But then a hero came along (hehe)…

Find out what he said, after the jump!


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Yes, yes we are – or will be anyway!

All accounts indicate that this is going to be one heck of a weekend for Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. Stats are telling us that more than half of the people who bought tickets on Fandango were buying them for JB3DCE, the Boys are sending us pleas to make sure we get our tickets now if planning on seeing the movie this weekend. Not helping matters is the super awesome coast to coast surprise theater pop-ins the Guys are embarking upon this weekend. This should end up quite epic. As it should be.

Some of us were lucky enough to go to a preview showing, some of us are going to midnight showings tonight, and some will catch it this weekend. This post is here to talk all about the movie, your theater experience, post reviews you have found, and debate those reviews.

So grab your friends, grab your popcorn, sprinkle it with Milkduds and get ready for a movie experience that is sure to be like no other!

While you are at it, make sure to take some pictures and post them to jonasphotomosaic.com. If you post you have a chance to win a signed poster made from those images (cooooool).

A last minute post from the Guys:

Opening weekend starts tonight…We can’t wait for everyone to see our new movie, Jonas Brothers The 3D Concert Experience…but what we are even more excited about is getting to watch our new movie WITH YOU!

You never know where we will show up…so make sure you have your tickets, we heard they are selling out fast! You guys are awesome!!! {Editors: drink!}


Our movie reviews and theater experiences after the jump!


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Come along on the magic carpet ride as the Boys and their various & sundry family, friends and colleagues stalked the red purple one at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA to celebrate the big premiere of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience!

Fans lined up all day, it looked like pandemonium!

Et voila…fresh photos and a video of the Guys (and family & band!) on the carpet, after the jump –


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