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JB & Wondergirls (Kickballers) undefeated! 9-0 victory! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported a great cause!!!

JohnJay and Rich are back in the Jonasphere and this time – they are out for some Jonas blood. And by blood, I mean…they would really like to defeat them in the charity kickball game they will be playing today. It is going to be the Flying Monkeys vs. the Kickballers.

Well, they lost. The Flying Monkeys that is! The Kickballers (JB + Wonder Girls) won 9 – 0. Sweet!

The game was played to benefit the “Christmas Wish” program which is a part of the The Johnjay and Rich Care for Kids Foundation. The program “grants wishes and offers assistance to families in extreme need.” How awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome, I would say.

Check out some pictures from the game the action that was streamed live after the jump…



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[Hey, Revelers – bear with us while we catch up!  We know some of our new posts’ll be old news to some of you, but we’re just getting to it!  Enjoy it either way. 🙂 ]

The Boys all gathered in Kevin’s bedroom to give Johnjay and Rich a call last Friday.  Lots is covered in the 15 minute interview including: they band, their new flying segues, performing with Stevie Wonder, the world tour, to tweet or not to tweet, books, how they like to waste time on the internet, and where Joe gets his cool beanies. They also begin planning a kickball game with the station.

As always, the segment is launched with an evolution of Jonas clip that now starts with “Mandy”, ends with “Tonight” and is a whopping 1:24 seconds in length! Another 1:30 and it will be longer than “SOS!”

If you are familiar with their Johnjay and Rich interviews (as we are) you will notice a little bit of rehashing, and I think Johnjay gets an unhealthy thrill out of teasing Kevin, but they are otherwise respectful and don’t ask prying questions, which is refreshing. It is definitely worth a listen.

Check it out after the jump!


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More pure awesome {drink!} at hand, as JB3DCE coverage comes to a head.

Over the jump,we’ll post links and embeds of premiere week interviews from online, radio & television.  When you find something, mention it in the comments and we’ll use this post to aggregate and celebrate, before we break (well…ish) to immerse ourselves in the opening weekend of the movie!

Like Kevin & Joe above, come ponder – among other things – Nick’s supposedly unflagging honesty in the MySpace “Artist on Artist” video, with more stuff to come, over the jump!


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The Guys hung out with their buds Johnjay and Rich while in AZ on 7.11.08 and it was filmed for our enjoyment.

Part one gets off to a little bit of a shaky start when Johnjay (jokingly?) makes fun of Kevin’s acting chops, but it is all cool after that. Joe plays with the drums, they talk about perks, sing a little Bee Gees, you know… normal stuff.

There is one other awkward moment where JohnJay (in the fashion of an insecure BFF) basically demands that they tell him if he and Rich are as good at doing interviews as Ryan Seacrest (WT…). Then there are the Segways.

Info that can be gleaned from watching the whole 16 minutes:

  • Joe can kinda play the drums.
  • Kevin doesn’t take kindly to DJs who hack on his acting abilities.
  • Kev, Joe and Nick were all given Rolex watches as a tour launch gift by their manager (Nick’s is Presidential).
  • It is not good to practice acrobatics in hotel rooms. (AKA “you are all having fun now, but wait until someone gets hurt…”)
  • Nick tells stories that involve sheep yet seem to go nowhere.
  • Kevin does the sweetest sing-song country correction known to man (not sweet as in nice).
  • Joe can drive a Segway really well.

Check ’em all out after the jump.


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This post is not so much a flashback as it is an examination of the evolving fame of the Guys and how (thankfully) they have remained their own awesome selves. I got the idea from coolmom after she commented on the last radio post I did. Thanks for the idea, coolmom!

The JB have done some great radio interviews, some of which we have shared with you, but they seem to have a special relationship with Johnjay and Rich. Theirs was the first Top 40 morning radio show who featured the Jonas Brothers and the Boys have been loyal ever since. They got to jam on stage with the Boys in July 2007, go backstage at The Best of Both Worlds Tour, and were the go-to-guys to make the free acoustic show in Tuscon in January 2008 happen. Johnjay and Rich were also given the Top 40 radio premiere of Burnin’ Up.

But their relationship is not just about quid pro quo (I am sure that JohnJay and Rich have picked up some loyal listeners and the Guys were exposed to a huge market). There is an ease in their interactions that has generated some priceless Jonas moments.

It sure doesn’t hurt that Kevin, Joe, and Nick have such generous personalities that make them a joy to pay attention to always, but these interviews are special, candid, and fun.

Enjoy all of the Johnjay and Rich interviews with the Boys to date (minus one from mid-January I couldn’t find – if you know where it is, post in the comments!) after the jump, plus a super awesome bonus interview with Mama J.


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While we were all tidying our houses for our epic Camp Rock parties, the Guys were in Amsterdam doin’ their thing, getting ready for their show, and talking to Johnjay and Rich who got the exclusive Top 40 radio premiere of their single Burning Up.

I LOVE radio interviews. Especially the ones with people that seem to make them feel comfortable.

This one is nearly 20 minutes, features all of them, and ends with the new song.

They talk about everything: the single, the video, Camp Rock, dating, love, exchange rates, Hamsterdam, missing kisses, growing moustaches, hair, favorite European cities, flags, JB/Louis Vuitton guitars, boat buying, and face slaps. See… everything.

Check it out in two parts after the jump!


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