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The happiest of birthdays to our beloved Kevin Jonas!

We know this year will be a huge one for you so we are sending you all of our love and best wishes for a year where all your dreams come true. (…and many more!)

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Here’s a quick teaser vid for Katie Couric’s All Access Grammy Special which will air on CBS at 9pm EST on February 4th.

The Guys are asked about their influences, both personal and from the music industry (though they are intertwined), and who they would like to have dinner with. There is not a lot new, but I think that is awesome! Who wants an inconsistent rock star who doesn’t love his parents? Not me.

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Or so says Kevin Jonas. About everything.

Clearly these words are the new “awesome”.

Nitpicking his choice of words aside, I love the way he and his brothers maintain a respectful wonder for things. As such, Kevin gave a lovely little interview to British webmag ilikemusic. He answered their fundamental question beautifully:

I Like Music because… I feel like music is an energy source for us. We live off of it. We breathe it. Every single moment of our life is dedicated to music. Without that I don’t think I know what I would be doing with my life. It is a universal language for sure.”

And throughout the chat, he offered us up some very choice tidbits – so nice to get questions about making music. You know…their job?!

Find these highlights, and Kev’s summer jam, after the jump!


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Another quick post about the Jonas Brothers from Entertainmentwise today. They ask Kevin for a reaction to this quote from John Mayer in Rolling Stone:

“Guitar Hero was devised to bring the guitar-playing experience to the masses without them having to put anything into it.

“And having done both, there’s nothing like really playing guitar. I mean, what would you rather drive, a Ferrari or one of those amusement-park cars on a track? John Mayer: ‘Guitar Hero Fans Are Fake Wannabes’ Jennifer Aniston’s new man takes a dig at the game…

Kevin, who usually tries very hard to always be diplomatic, splits no hairs with his opinion.

“Guitar Hero is a necessity for us.”

“I totally understand John Mayer’s perspective but for me I think it’s a great way to introduce the idea of an instrument to a generation of a young age.

“Maybe you would go on from there and transition into actually learning how to play and things like that.” The Jonas Brothers: ‘We Love Guitar Hero!’ Unlike John Mayer…

I totally agree Kevin. The post on Mayer is a little (shall we say) overly critical of the artist (OK – it’s mean). But the point is that Guitar Hero is a game. It is fun and it in no way takes away from playing a real instrument. I also drive a car every day, and not having the ability to drive an Aston Martin on the Autobahn, I find amusement park cars to be allot of fun as well.

Unfortunately, I think John was caught being a little too serious, but Kevin makes a great point!

[Via: Entertainmentwise I, Entertainmentwise II, Entertainment Weekly (Image –via Flickr)]

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