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Sigh – I look at this picture (thanks, Nick!), and then I look at the signed “It’s About Time” CD insert that arrived in my mail last week (thanks, JB Merch and Molly for the heads up!) and – though I know we had precious little to do with it – I am so proud and impressed with what these guys are becoming. Seriously. (I suppose it feels like a confirmation of my/our own good judgment, heehee. WDTFTW!)

Anyway, we were dashing around at play (spring break – woot!) this morning and missed it – then got distracted when we returned home to find that the Boys were opening up that long awaited can of whooptweet on us – but they dropped a very sweet MySpace blog this early afternoon, check it out:

Sure hope everyone is doing great. We have been busy putting the finishing touches on our new CD. We are making the final mixes now and soon there will be music for everyone to hear. We really cannot wait for you to hear the music. We are probably more excited about this CD than any before.

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It has finally happened. The Guys now have a Twitter. They have gone where Greg, Jack, and JT have all gone before them…well, in an official capacity anyway (if you look closely at the picture above I think we might be witnessing a JohnLloydTaylor tweet being born).  I’m glad, because I was getting worried that Facebook, MySpace, SayNow, Bebo, Team Jonas, and FFE were not enough. Though I suppose in this day and age there is no such thing. I’m following, are you? I can’t wait to see their tweets pop up in my Twhirl and for all of us to tweet at them in vain.

We also got a new blog post today outlining all of the things coming up for the rest of the year!

Hey everyone!

It has been a very busy few weeks. Thanks for all the comments and support. We read your comments everyday and look forward to reading everything.


We completed filming of our TV show, JONAS. We are all so excited about the premiere of the show on the Disney Channel on MAY 2ND. We can’t wait for you to see it. Hope you like it. It is so funny and there is tons of new music. Even Frankie and Big Rob are in the show.


Tickets for our summer tour are on sale now. Many shows have already sold out across the nation. We are working on our new stage and it is going to be amazing. We hope you love the show. We are also excited to go out on the tour with our good friends JORDIN SPARKS and HONOR SOCIETY.


We are busy putting the final touches on our new CD. We have never been more excited to share new music with the world. The new CD comes out around the world on JUNE 15TH. There are so many new sounds and styles.


There is not one thing there I am not totally excited about! What a summer we have in store for us.

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LOOK OUT! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! It’s Band in a Bus Episode 1, yay!

These episodes have been available through Verizon (and on YouTube thanks to some generous people who took the time to film their phones) for a while, but are now being posted on the Jonas Brothers YouTube channel in high quality. Thanks, Guys!

Overall, the Band In A Bus series is tidy and solid with jam-packed 3-minute episodes. They are full of great music (from ALBL) and great footage. The tone is different from Living the Dream in that it’s speaking to what is assumed to be an older audience (old enough to have a cell phone). They would also play well, I think, to the Guys’ peers, who are…guys, with a bit of potty humor.  My only criticism is that the scripted parts come off as such, but it is a minor thing.

Episode 1 is called “Rock” in a Bus and focuses on the challenges of recording music on a bus. Things like driving noise, cramped quarters, and bathrooms that should not be used. We see the Boys show off their bus to fans while on tour, actually record some music, we’re introduced to their producer John Fields and get some quality time with Musical Director (and cutie pie) John Taylor.

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It’s easy for anyone over the age of 20 to turn their nose up at teen bands, dismissing them as passing fluff whose stardom will be extinguished once their fan base is old enough to order a beer. The Jonas Brothers are fully aware of this. “Yes, we do have that ‘pop’ appeal in the sense of fan reaction,” says Kevin Jonas, “but we write our songs, play our instruments, and when you see us live you get the gist of who we are. It’s always a fight when you’re young, especially when you come along with the Disney background. But that has helped to push us to another level. We have always embraced our audience and where they’ve taken us, and we’re not going to try to run away from it.

From a great article on their happily ongoing (and recently bus-bound) collaboration with uber-producer John Fields.

[Via: MIX Professional Audio and Music Production Magazine Online]

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