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OMJ – I have to squee a little bit, because I am SO exited about the 51st Annual Grammy Awards which will air tonight at 8pm EST on CBS with Live From the Red Carpet: The 2009 Grammy Awards airing on E! from 5pm EST until the beginning of the show.

I am not just excited because the Guys are nominated for Best New Artist (and I hope they win), but also for their performance, with Stevie Wonder! I am excited because they are excited. I am excited for a great night of music. Whether they go home with the award tonight or not, I think they feel pretty great about this whole Grammy Awards thing, and so do I.

Here is hoping they bring the house down!

The house is down!  Great job Guys!

This post is here for you to chat while you watch the festivities. I will update it with new pics and video as they become available.

Follow me over the jump for *UPDATES*  new pictures, video and results – SPOILER WARNING, some pre-Grammy pics, and a guide to the 360 degree Grammy Experience.



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It’s funny…when the Boys made their online appearance talking influences, one of the first things that sprung to mind afterward was…”But wherefore Stevie?”  Maybe it was an intentional omission, because – as we all know by now – you make a Jonas wish and it doesn’t rain, but it pours.  They’ll be performing with Mr. Wonder at the Grammy Awards ceremony this Sunday, and a network organizer (giving a report to the LA Times from rehearsals) had this to say regarding the pairing…

“The beauty of that,” said Jack Sussman, CBS’ executive VP for music specials, “is that Stevie is an icon that the Jonas Brothers look up to. He believes in them and their talent, and the audience will see that they are really good musicians, which they sometimes don’t get enough credit for. You have to give them props for walking out there with him.”

Whole story is here.

Oh, God. I hope so regarding the audience…and Stevie is a  Discerning Type!  YES – good news.  And now I’ve got nerves!!  Can’t wait.  (I’d be crossing my fingers, but as the four lovelies at top there have been reminding us lately, superstition ain’t the way.)

More end of the week snippets, after the jump…


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For any of us with our heads deep in the clouds as regards “our” chances at the Grammys, here is a bit of a letdown piece from Todd Martens of the LA Times music blog Pop & Hiss.

He assesses the crop of Best New Artist nominees, and while he sees some sort of merit in our Boys, he surely doesn’t call the award chances in their favor at all, as Rolling Stone did recently.

I am simultaneously thankful for the reality check and typically annoyed by the hurdles that seem to forever be set between the Jonases and formal industry respect.

Read how Martens tamps down our high expectations, after the jump…


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It looks like we have some of what we really look forward to coming up – live performancesNothing Everything seems terribly set in stone as news reports flow in with varying levels of confirmation, but there are clearly big doings afoot, to be sure: ]

We’ll update, after the jump, with any additional news on these events!


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The Boys have given us an epic 2008 retrospective blog post!

What a year this has been. There are probably not enough words to describe what an amazing year we have lived in 2008. It feels like we were just sitting here writing a blog for the end of 2007. Time has really moved faster than we could have imagined.

See what all they are thankful for in 2008 and what they are looking forward to in 2009 (conveniently augmented with loads of pics, vids,  and links to our prior coverage) after the jump…


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