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It was a beautiful morning in NYC, and fans poured into Rumsey Playfield to see JB and Demi Lovato perform on Good Morning America.

Sadly, my plans for spending my morning in Central Park with great friends and great music didn’t work out, but I could still watch it all unfold. OK, I slept through most of it, but I caught the gorgeous videos at abcnews.com, all of which I’ve included in this post.

It was the normal GMA setup, some chitchat, a few songs, a little more chitchat. They performed “LA Baby”, “Burnin’ UP”, “Can’t Back Down” with Demi (and some dancers – *cringe*), “SOS”, and “Please Be Mine” (swoon).

Yes, the dancers were scary, but I love Nick on drums and Joe on guitar. I am just going to have to come to term with dancers, aren’t I? *Sigh*, whatevs…they looked great, and sounded great.

Check out the performances and interviews after the jump.



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Today, Joe (&  Co.) took to the streets of San Antonio for a 5k run with a few friends…well, likely in the hundreds (thousands?)…for his Joe Jonas iWin Fun Run* , a fund-and-awareness-raising event intended to benefit  the Special Olympics organization, which is Joe’s current championed cause under their Change for the Children Foundation initiatives. (*You can donate to the org at that link!)

Every time the Jonases make that extra effort to give back – whether it be on a local/global/fanbase level, loudly or quietly, formally or informally – it really is such a win for all involved – including us, as fans. I’m sure they deeply enjoy the difference they are able to make, and we fans get to feel that surge of fanpride and inspiration that hooked us on these guys in the first place.

Videos and fan reminiscences, after the jump!


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Very cute little clip from Good Morning America.

The Guys sat down with GMA’s Cameron Mathison for a simple chat about JB3DGE, music and golf, and ended up revealing some harsh truths about themselves as we get a glimpse of what actually goes down when they are out there on the fairway.

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This morning the Brothers attracted the biggest ever audience to Bryant Park for the GMA 2008 Summer Concert Series – approximately 10,000 people! Some people, it is rumored, slept on the sidewalk since Tuesday. The appearance was solid and full of great fun (and music) even though the anchors were all a bit clueless.

They played “Burnin’ Up”, “BB Good”, “Hello Beautiful”, “Pushin’ Me Away” (what do the Boys have against ‘G’s eh?), “SOS”, and “Tonight”. They also were made to answer some very dated questions (but, as we all know, things in the Jonasphere change quickly, so I won’t be too harsh). Then  Joe tried to steal the weatherman’s job (the host in the dark suit didn’t seem to appreciate this much – because he knows they are awesome – since there is a good possibility that they could all be fired and replaced with the Jonas family). They also talked about how much they love their parents, and Frankie, and how they stay grounded.They also showed the fans lots of love (as always).

All the performances were great (I enjoyed “Tonight” and “Pushin'” in particular). But I have to say, for a group of people who allegedly slept out for three days the crowd was very blah (especially during the new songs). Joe totally had to do his “wave mothapluckas wave” (2:37 on Pushin”) AND his “jump mothapluckas jump” (2:05 on SOS) moves. Not cool, people. Many seemed to be filming or too aware of the cameras all around. There seemed to be plenty of signs and stuff around, so maybe the best fans just didn’t get a spot near the stage.

My favorite non-music moments included Joe’s weather report and when Chris asked them if there were any bands out there today that they would sleep on the sidewalk for three days to see perform live. They couldn’t think of any. They also gave Joe an early birthday cake and the audience sang him happy birthday.

Check out most of the clips after the jump!


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