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This was my first time watching the show Minute To Win It, and I must say it was a ton of fun. First off, Kevin was just awesome. Cool under pressure, confident, masterful – the Kevin we know and love. Of course he was supported by his loving family (minus Joe) which always helps. I am not a person who is shy when it comes to extolling Kevin’s talents, but even I was blow away at how good he was at these games.

Kevin was playing for The Change For The Children Foundation, and to have a ton of fun as well, I’m sure!

Just in case I’m being a spoiler, details after the jump!



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Cambio.com … This just may not suck as much as Fan Family Experience!

OK, before you let loose in the comments calling me a naive Kool-Aid drinker, let me just say that my expectations were so low for today’s announcement that a well-produced two and half (or so) minute video filled with a bunch of my favorite people struck me the right way.

What we know:

  • It is a website that will have lots of stuff and has the possibility to be cool (or not).
  • “Cambio” means change (which makes you want to nibble on your finger nails), but it also means exchange (which I think is more of what they are going for).

Pros and cons for this not-yet-fully-revealed website, plus the announcement video after the jump.


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Episode two of Jonas Brothers Living the Dream 2: World Tour! This one is titled “Healthy Living” and is narrated by Joe.

This episode is all about Joe’s commitment to living a healthy life. This is achieved by eating well, helped by his passion for healthy cooking, and exercising regularly helped by his personal trainer Joey Rubino.  We get to see Joe do some running, and then he is off to Restaurante Botin where he takes lessons from the chef to cook the Jonas clan a fresh, healthy meal.

Hey Joe, the food looked amazing! Even the baby eels! YUM!

Check out the episode after the jump!


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Frankie! Frankie! Frankie! This week’s episode of LTD is all about Frank The Tank (AKA The Bonus Jonas).

In this episode, titled “Rock Star In Training”, we get the opportunity to learn a little more about the youngest Jonas Brother. We get to see how “having rock star brothers sometimes hurts your ears”, that his brothers adore and worship him (Joe wants “to be him so bad”), and that he is not afraid to play favorites (though they change from time to time). We also get to see Nick and Joe helping Frankie with some songwriting. It is very sweet. Nick narrates.

Get to know Frank a little better for yourself, after the jump (and then check out a humorous Frankie Jonas bonus)!


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After all that we’ve been through? You should know better than to question us.

This taunt is almost enough to make grown (and employed) women hop an after-work train to Midtown Manhattan.  But instead, I suppose, we’ll save it up for the album about to land in our hot little hands.

Oh, we’re ready.  Are you?

[Via: JonasBrothersMusic (YouTube)]

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Everyone feels under the weather now and again, even rock stars. In today’s LTD we learn how one sniffle can be heard across the whole band and how the stress of being on the road makes everyone have to take extra care to stay healthy.

The episode, entitled “Health Kick” shows us the reality of being sick and tired while on tour. First Nick gets a cold, and then Kevin, then we have doctors, nutritionists, and eventually personal trainers. But it is hard staying healthy and eating a balanced diet, especially with Kevin’s aversion to fruit and no one wanting to work out with Joe. Joe seems takes the message most to heart and fully embraces his new favorite healthy snack of apples and OPB.  Joe Narrates.

Check out Nicholas coughing, Kevin sneezing, Joe flexing, and Denise doing a stellar impression of an apple tree, after the jump.


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This week’s (OK last week’s) LTD focuses on the frenzy and fun of playing a show in their new hometown, Los Angeles.

The episode “Hello, Hollywood” shows how an LA show gives them extra pressure and nerves and how much they enjoy playing for their friends. We also get to see an after concert bowling party featuring many from their Disney class. Joe narrates.

The best part of this episode (apart from witnessing Frankie’s awesome bowling prowess) is getting to see how pumped the Guys are after a show.

Check it out after the jump.


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