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After reading Cpaig’s last post and seeing the vids of what appears to be a happy trend in the evolution of the JB fandom, I got inspired to pen a little ditty to lay out the FanLady Credo, if you will.

*(With apologies to some of my pre-Jonas musical heroes: Rodgers & Hart.)

Jump with me, and we’ll sing it together!



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A very sweet and very clever video reminder from our most favorite Favorites to buy your tickets for Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience IN ADVANCE! In just over 11 hours from the time of this posting the pre-sale countdown widget below will go live and you can purchase tickets for opening weekend of JB3DCE and special midnight screamings… I mean screenings. OR you can pop over to Fandango and Movietickets.com and grab ’em right now and get a free iTunes download of the “Tonight” video to boot! Woot!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Meanwhile, the Guys snuck in a new MySpace blog post to remind us as much (and murmured news of an iTunes JB3DCE LIVE ALBUM digital presale in the postscript!) posted this vid in response to a cool vid posted by some fellow fanladies in Ottawa, Canada.

See the original, followed by the Boys’ response after the jump.

Also, come along and explore what Mememoi and I are predicting is the beginning of the  fanlady revolution to capture our rightful place at the top of the Jonas fan hierarchy – “Because, we are smart like that.”


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Potentially heavy topic for what (here) is a gorgeous day that will have me fleeing the house shortly to go bask in it.  I don’t want to be a downer, but I don’t mind stirring the pot when it comes to issues that come into play with the Boys’ ever evolving career. Besides caring about them, I find it fascinating in a meta sort of way.

First, I must admit that I don’t regularly engage with the greater Jonas fan population anymore, now that it is too large to get a real bead on, so maybe I am way behind in noticing this particular trend…but with the Guys away in Europe, it seemed to be a little bit of a down week in Jonas news, thanks to personal life rumors and a rare gaffe (or just another media distortion, depending on your perspective).  And this time it caught my eye…

Case in point, and a ton of questions, after the jump!


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The Boys were busy advocating juvenile diabetes awareness in New York today, and doing so marvelously (especially in light of Nick’s slight mid-show scare last Saturday).

Meanwhile, media outlets were abuzz not only with that, but also tidbits on J.O.N.A.S, their Teen Choice Award wins, Camp Rock sequels and the general build up to the album release (my new personal Super Tuesday).

But for me, the highlight of the news day came elsewhere…check it out, after the jump!


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As you know, I can not read reviews right now, as I have taken a vow not to spoil the new tour for myself.  But I have it on good authority that, as is to be expected, um…not everyone loves our favorite Brothers, or the show.  Big deal, right? I am all for constructive criticism, and there is inevitably a poor review or two (or more), but today, I am gonna try to get a little meta on it.

Apparently, a writer in San Francisco (I’ll allow myself to read his full piece after next Friday, I’ve only got non-spoiler excerpts) not only abhorred the Guys’ staging, but finds them to be both too eclectic and too derivative.  OK.  For me the term “eclectic” is not an insult (nor is another oft-used pseudo-slam against them, “harmless”).

As for being derivative…well, I don’t think they’ve ever claimed anything but a debt to their various professed forebears, but…OK. (Though I respectfully disagree…and I tend to be a harsh critic of bands that sound ridiculously derivative…which is pretty much every band out there at the moment, for my money).  As far as I can tell, the reviewer is trying to put them down for the very thing that makes their derivations of old sounds (is there anything else?) ultimately more original.

I have not seen the show yet, so perhaps he is very right to call the performance “bloated” (I’ll let you know), but the reviewer seems not to have been too keen on the fundamental concept of the show from the get go, and some of his basic concert review “revelations” tread all too familiar ground.  Still, I am going to try to highlight it, because there was another interesting article that came through the alerts last week which relates. This other piece, I think, touches upon what bee is in the bonnet of some of these heinously ill-assigned “critics”, who call their brief, shallowly dismissive mentions of the show criticism, which they tuck neatly amidst longer, more colorful passages which rip the scene as a whole.

In short, there is something quite sexist about the way the Boys get reviewed (even though they are boys, and even though sometimes the critics are women). And it’s about a lot of us, the fans.

Some food for thought…after the jump.


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Avril, Avril, Avril. Just…Shhhhh. I don’t want to dislike you, I don’t care that much and you do have catchy songs. Don’t make me have to pull a silent protest and stand with my back turned towards you during your (opening?) set on the Burning Up Tour concert I’m attending. Mmkay?

OK, I am mostly joking. But said Avril, today, regarding having the Brothers support her in Europe and a few shows Stateside:

Well I’m only doing eight shows with them. Right now, my North American tour is two and a half months, so I’m doing that just with Boys Like Girls. And then I go to Europe for two months. I could be wrong but I’m kinda helping The Jonas Brothers out by introducing them over there.

Some in the Jonasphere are already responding thusly:

i’m so qlad she’s not playinq at the concert i’m qoinq to. =D
& avril just a tip; be very careful with your comments ’cause us Jonas fans will qo crazy karate on you. lol – karen.jonas13 on JBF

This is why I love Jonas fans…it is a pure and deep love, but even hint at shunning its object, and it’s like a pack of wolves protecting their young. And it’s heavily informed by Perez Hilton. (Though most try to be nicer about it than others…like a few choice Tokio Hotel fans I mentioned. I guess every fanbase has those.)

I don’t actually think she is that wrong (or rude); she is the headliner, they are “support”, right? (Though some phrase it otherwise.) BUT it is the (mis?)perceived dismissive tone which is putting some diehard JB fans on the defensive. It is not bright to wrong these people when they will soon be front and center in your audience (and they are an audience which in my experience is very enthusiastic towards the other acts).

So is this going to be another Hannah situation, where the Boys open and bring half the crowd, but are still expected to bow down to a pop goddess who is supposed to have graciously bestowed fame upon them?

[Via: JustJared; People.com; JonasBrothersFan.com]

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