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So, we may not have cable anymore, but happily, we can stream full episodes of the Disney Channel Games from its Disney XD Channel!

Little Big Fan was thrilled, to say the least.  (As was I, because I can’t really enjoy watching it without her company – let’s just say she makes a great audience, she laughs out loud a lot and gets sucked right into the melodrama.)  Not only has she been delighted for any opportunity to see Nick do anything, anytime, but the website itself has become the go-to place for her videogame time, with all the requisite voting and cheering and rapid fire keyboard clicking, and dinnertime talk more frequently revolves around discussion of her “stamina”.

And if joining in the kooky DC Games mayhem has had some testosterone-fueled complications for our favorite Brothers, it is fair to say there has been a little carry over of the competition to our own family, where our distinct brotherly allegiances, which usually complement each other, suddenly have put us head to head.

Check out LBF’s thoughts on the Games, after the jump…



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In light of today’s video from England in which Joe appears to mercilessly whup Kevin*, I thought I would do a flashback to remind us that, though he may seem like the whipping boy, Kevin isn’t the only one who gets victimized, his feelings hurt. Joe has a flair for digging himself into a hole of mockery as well. It may not be a physical punch, but it can feel as bad, or worse. But, they are brothers, after all. This is what they are for.

In this clip, after the jump, see what happens when Joe fails to think through his answer about digital devices around the one-minute mark and, well…take a look.

The common thread? Nicholas: ROTFL.

So I think I will blame him. For egging them on. No Funny!

*I think some quick editing helped the effect.


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That’s right, today is the day to give Denise Jonas a boost and recognize her title should be Chief Awesomeness Officer, cuz heaven knows there’s more to her mothering than just the “birthing” (Kevin, dear, I’m talking to you).

But that glitch aside, they are truly great to their mom, and she deserves it. she is obviously nice, but equally obviously does not mess around. So while we may be superfans, I think we can safely say she is the Boys’ #1 fan. She has much to celebrate today. So, Happy Mother’s Day to Denise, and to all moms!

After the jump, check out Denise’s fun appearance on Rachael Ray this week talking about her Boys.


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I have to confess something.

Cpaig and I have an (even) older sister. She’s not a lunatic Jonas Brothers fan. I know…it’s really embarrassing, but I thought it would be best to just clear the air now.

However, she is no stranger to fanaticism, herself. Some would say she wrote the book.

She’s into a new guy these days. An actor. Well, today, she sent me this:

It’s all about building bridges, people.

[Via: gabihedlund (YouTube)]

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Feel the excitement.

The Oprah team also catches a quick glimpse of a rare Jonas family breakfast. And more.

Incidentally, if you’ve never seen the Brothers perform with their stepgrandfather Bayou Butch, you’re missing out. Check it, here.

[Via: Just Jared; Oprah (YouTube); Fureezingcoold (YouTube)]

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My not-quite 5-year-old daughter (AKA “Little Big Fan”) may not be as die-hard as some of us around here, but she deserves credit as (technically) the longest term fan in our ranks. We thank her. She has requested that we recognize her status by allowing her to occasionally choose something to post. Here is her first contribution (found during a well-supervised look among some YouTube related videos).

And she would also like to pass on the messages, “WE ride bikes!” and“Niiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!”.

Obviously, this is not their music with the video. For the record, her favorite Jonas Brothers songs, apart from the obvious biggies SOS and When You Look Me In the Eyes, are Dear God (we’re not religious, but I think that’s awesome) and Games. Yep, she’s cool like that.

[Via: JonasBrothersLuver95 (YouTube)]

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Welcome to a feature we’ll call “Don’t Drink the Haterade”, in which we spotlight a rude or baseless claim against the Brothers (we don’t fault constructive criticism), and refute it. Yeah, we are probably playing into their hit-grubbing little hands…but it feels so right.

CLAIMANT: BradyDale of eco-blog beanstockd


The Jonas Brothers Vow to do Anything for a Headline: As if the Jonas Brothers weren’t cloying enough with their little “purity rings”, now, they are bragging about driving a ‘green SUV.’ Look, lads: an SUV is an SUV. OK, your Tahoe burns less gas than other SUVs, but not less than a conventional compact. Or a compact hybrid. Thank you for calling.

REFUTATION: It smacks of condescension and nitpicking with irrational prejudice (note the photo with “Comb anyone?” scribbled on it). The fact of the matter is, as he states, the SUV uses less gas. That should make you at least a little happy, ecoboy. What’s the problem? We say cut a little slack on sustainability to a family that has spent the better part of the last year living 7 to a bus.

[Via: beanstockd]

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