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Bad News: Last live chat for a while!

Good News: That’s because the album is coming out and the tour is starting soon!!!

It was a chill, mumbly, yet typically goofy and occasionally hyper family affair.

Full deal, embedded after the jump!



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I named this post in honor of that beauty of a ballad just posted to the Boys’ MySpace, penned with Garbo, as we know. (I LOVE it! I am a sucker for a good heartfelt, rocked up ballad.) But we are here for something at least as critical. Live chat – #2 of the Facebook Webcast series! Starting in 2 hours! (5pm PST) Over at their Facebook page, naturally.

And come enjoy it here, together, during or afterwards!

Sadly, Cpaig and I will probably not be able to attend live.  We’ll be at our nephew’s spring concert.  He plays the drums!! We think the Jonas team would understand.  (And if we’re lucky, we’ll catch the tail end of the chat!  Not that I wish technical difficulties upon anyone! 😉 )

Watch it –  after the jump – NOW!


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NEWSFLASH!  We’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks, and now we’re ready to launch.  And with our recent hit-surge, it has turned out to be perfect timing!  Please welcome…*drumroll*…our little Sibling Revelry home on Facebook for any revelers who are inclined to hang out there!  [Note the new link button to the right.]

It’s brand new, empty and clean, and we thought it’d be a handy way to keep track of lots of things.  We can post upcoming fandom dates & events there.  You can also post photos from your show experiences (and whatever you please, otherwise), and sneak in and read all the blog content there, in its entirety.

Plus there are proper discussion boards –  a semi-private place to gather, takeoff on Jonas tangents of your own design (since there are some topics we don’t cover in posts here), or get more personal and OT with each other – like a neverending open thread*!  So regular commenters and lurkers alike, please go check it out – we hope it enhances your ability to revel on your own terms,  and get to know one another better. 🙂

*Don’t worry, we’ll still have those, too, as needed, for anyone not into that crazy FB scene!

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