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What a week for the Guys! Almost too much to mention, but they tried:

We had a great show in Berlin with Avril. The crowd was amazing and so many people now are coming that know that words to the songs. There were a lot of people that wore JB clothing and carried signs.

We also filmed several TV shows while we were in Berlin, including an outside concert on a boat parked right beside a large group of people. It was raining all day but stopped raining just in time for the concert. There was a HUGE crowd there. We watched and listened to some of the footage and it was cool.

We went to Copenhagen and had another great show on the Avril tour. There were so many fans waiting outside the venue after our show. They made us feel very welcome.

Today we got up really early and flew to London. We filmed a few things for online and for the record company here in Europe. Then we did one of the most amazing things we have done so far…

WE DROVE AROUND LONDON ON A DOUBLE-DECKER BUS WITH OUR PICTURE AND ALBUM INFO ON THE SIDE. WE stopped near Buckingham Palace and picked up a group of contest winners who road on the bus with us as we sang songs. Once again, there was a huge crowd of people running after the bus. There were so many people freaking out.

Crazy indeed. I am tired just reading it, and there is more!

They played their last show in Stockholm tonight and now they are traveling back to America! They will be in Toronto getting ready for their Burnin’ Up Tour which starts there next Friday. I can’t wait!

Check out some video and other goodies from the last four days after the jump (trust me, you don’t want to miss the vids from Copenhagen).



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The Guys are doing some daily vlogging from Europe right now and posting it on their Bebo site.

So far they are very brief, but very cute. They have posted vids on days that they haven’t blogged on their MySpace, so think of it as filling in the blanks. Be sure to check it out every day.

Check out an excited Kevin talking about a great show in Dresden today – oh, the magic of the internets – after the Jump!


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Lots and lots of love from the Guys today. They had a super busy weekend and may have lost a couple of centimeters off of their nails as they waited for our (their fans) reactions to “Camp Rock” and “Burnin’ Up.” They also had a couple of great shows, met lots of fans, and enjoyed visiting with family friends.

The show in Belgium was amazing. The crowd was so pumped and felt like home. It was the loudest crowd yet and so many had signs and shirts. IT was encouraging that it was working here in Europe. We started hearing reports this weekend of SOS and the CD charting in some of the nations we have visited. Very exciting.

We drove to Mannheim and had a wonderful show. Our parents have good friends in Mannheim that came to visit. We spent time after the show meeting a huge group of fans.

The biggest news from the weekend was probably the Camp Rock news from back home. It was so hard to not be there during the premieres on Disney, ABC and ABC Family. We heard from family, friends, but most importantly…WE HEARD FROM YOU.

You officially made it wonderful for us. We read your comments and the posts to our last BLOG (now officially our largest blog to date). We watched YouTubes of all of you and your reactions to the songs and BURNIN’ UP VIDEO. It made our weekend.

What a weekend indeed! I am sure there are many things they did that they didn’t have time to mention (like radio interviews, SayNow messages, and video blogs). Read more here.

I think it is so wonderful that they are so generous with us. One of the top reasons they are so easy to love.

They have a show in Dresden tonight.

Catch Joe checking out the audience in Brussels, a clip from their acoustic performance in Belgium, and a little of them in Mannheim after the jump.


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Today was a day off in Amsterdam for the Jonas Family. It sounds like they had a wonderful day!

We drove 2-3 hours and now we are in Amsterdam. It is a beautiful city. Today was a DAY OFF in Amsterdam. We went for a long walk with our family and saw a lot of the sights. There were so many people out shopping because it was a beautiful day.

One day is not quite enough to take in any city, but I hope got a chance to do a few things there:

  • Pay a visit to Anne Frank’s statue (at least, the museum is an amazing experience which no one should miss if in Amsterdam).
  • Stroll (or bike) along the canals, or maybe a walk in Vondelpark.
  • Experience at least one of the world class art museums in Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum).
  • Visit to the floating Bloemenmarkt.
  • Eat some erwtensoep (pea soup). Trust me, Guys, it is the best!

They go on to talk about lots of other things. Check it here.

They had a concert in Dusseldorf last night. Check out a vid from the show after the jump!


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The Boys were back to rocking out last night with their first concert with Avril since Milan (6.13.08). It sounded like it went great! They also did more press and got to hang out with their buddy Isabella Soric from Disney Channel Germany.

We had our first concert with Avril in Germany yesterday in Munich. We had interviews all day long. We were also able to hang out for a while with our friend, Isabella. We met her at the Disney Channel Games in Orlando last year. She came over with a few people and then we saw her again today for interviews with the Disney Channel in Germany.

The concert was amazing. The people of Germany made us feel so welcome. We are looking forward to spending most of the next week in Germany and the Netherlands.

They also apologized for missing a blog day yesterday. We know you’re busy guys, you don’t have to make excuses… oh and they are happy with the performance of the Camp Rock soundtrack and their SOS UK single so far.

Read it in their words here.

Check out a little vid from the Munich show after the jump.


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The Guys spent the day in Spain today doing their rock star thing (i.e. lots of press, interviews, etc.) and visiting the Spanish reality show Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy) to play a couple of songs and chat with the contestants. Then they flew to Germany just in time to seen the celebration for Germany’s 1 to 0 win over Austria in the Euro Football Championships. W00T!

Then we went to this really cool TV Studio where they film a show called FAME ACADEMY [ Ed. or Operación Triunfo in Spain]. It is a reality show where the people (who are all performers) are locked in this house/studio and are trained in the music business and performance. They have been in the house for 2 months with one more month to go. We sang 2 songs and discussed our experiences in the music business with them. It all streams 24 hours a day in Spain and some of the content is edited for an actual TV program. Very cool and the people were nice.

Tomorrow they have a concert in Munich!

Here all about how well the SOS single is doing, among other things, here.

[Via: Jonas Brothers Official MySpace]

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The Guys spent today in Barcelona and it sound like a day full of work and screaming. They didn’t have their scheduled concert tonight because of a truckers strike (according to the Boys) so they did their thing and then took their dad out to dinner for Father’s Day. I wonder if they remembered to buy him a tie…or a golf shirt?

Today was a fun but busy day. We got up early and did some promotion and press. There were also some photo shoots for press in Spain.

We went to an acoustic show later in the day. There were 100-200 contest winners that were in a small concert venue. They had been in the room singing and watching our videos. They were so excited and when we walked into the room they shouted one of the loudest shouts ever. We did 3 songs with our acoustic guitars.

More press tomorrow. Oh, and – in case you hadn’t heard – their SOS single became available on iTunes in the UK today! (THAT’S CRAAAAZAAY!)

Read the entire post here.

Check out a bit of SOS from their Barcelona mini concert after the jump.


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