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If the past week or so left you feeling a bit queasy…I think we may have just the thing to cure what ails you:

The Jonases have been named among the top “25 Entertainers of the Year” by Entertainment Weekly…and they came in at Number 9!!!

I think it really is a nice honor they can be very proud of and a HUGE KUDOS to them and their team is in order.

Not only is the whole list of 25 reasonably cool, but the company they are keeping in the top ten is, for the most part, a pretty interesting and great group of entertainers who have enjoyed significant commercial success this year.

Check out the TOP TEN and what EW says about the Guys, after the jump…



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Billboard, Entertainment Weekly and Perez Hilton are abuzz with the news that A Little Bit Longer looks to have shot out of the gate stronger than many expected…an almost assured #1, and likely an easy resident among the top 5 selling albums of the year (!!).

All the hard work (on their part) and devotion (on ours) is paying off!

If it’s up your alley – now would be a good time to go stock up on tissues…I suspect we’ll all soon be crying some tears of relief and joy.

[Via: People Magazine (Jonas Brothers People Magazine Celebrity Central Profile Page)]

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Cool blog mention over on Entertainment Weekly’s POPWATCH!  They’ve pitted the Boys against Pete Wentz in compiling a list of Top 5 all-time favorite music videos.

Commenters seem to be keening toward the Guys’ camp, too, in terms of who they think did a better job.

Maybe our favorite underdogs are really themselves finally becoming the life of the pop-rock party and winning everyone over?  We fans can dream!

Their video picks…after the jump!


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