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Bad News: Last live chat for a while!

Good News: That’s because the album is coming out and the tour is starting soon!!!

It was a chill, mumbly, yet typically goofy and occasionally hyper family affair.

Full deal, embedded after the jump!



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Well, Revelers…here we go into the unknown

…One out of two live chat wishes granted ain’t bad numbers!

They came*, we saw, were we conquered?

*(Did the internet explode?)

Not only can we reread our own impressions, as felt in real time 😛 , in the comments below…but we’ve UPDATED,so you can also check out some screencaps & videos of the event, after the jump!


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A couple of short cuts from Alerts as the week winds down with a flurry before the coming blizzard of Jonas activity!!

One bit of news that struck me as particularly exciting was this tidbit from the LA Times, who crunched the numbers of the top performing artists – combining CD and digital music sales, tour ticket sales – to come  up with a “real” Ultimate Top Ten list of the most successful musical artists of 2008…and guess who clocked in at #9?  In the top ten, the Jonases are keeping company with no less than the following big names: Madonna, Celine Dion, Kenny Chesney, the Eagles, AC/DC, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, and (coming up just behind the Jonases) Rascal Flatts. And I think it is worth mentioning that – especially in a total that counts tickets by overall $ale$, rather than volume of tickets sold –  the Boys’ average ticket price was the cheapest of the bunch.

Also making news is the Brothers’ press junket in support of their new Disney Channel series, Jonas, which I expect will produce a small tidal wave of coverage in the coming weeks.  Find some advance impressions, after the jump…


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