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World Tour Week 3!

Another busy week, and goodness knows what they have in store for us!  Follow along to find out!

So far we have Jonas Records, and Softball!



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This week is all about Canada! Well… Canada and the good ol’ U. S. of A.!

(OK, so I know I was not so great with updates last week – and the post was kinda trumped by Rolling Stone, and Nick J. I promise to be better, but if the tweets get too overwhelming I will just do highlights.)

Follow along as they continue to tour…


…after the jump!

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After everyone got off of the GMA stage, had some coffee (and Joe got his bagel) the whole gang hopped a plane and headed to Spain!

They slipped in (nearly unnoticed) at 3am Madrid time, and had a show at the Palacio de Deportes and are already in Paris prepping for a show tonight!

And there was some extra adventure in Madrid including the mystery of the missing time keepers, the graduation of the 16 year old phenom, and the evil encore squashing power outage monster.

Hey everyone!

We just finished our show in Madrid, Spain.
Once again, it was amazing to be with our fans here.  They are some of the most passionate fans in the world.
They were singing and dancing to every song (including the new ones).  You made us feel so welcomed and loved.
This was a great way to start our tour and the release week of our NEW CD.
The power went out in the entire building on the last note of the last song.  We were very happy we were able to complete the main show.  We wish we could have done one more for you but the power was out in the building.
Thanks again Madrid for all the love and support.

Also – DO NOT MISS this amazing behind the scenes in Madrid piece by Quinn Brown from CNN for the Larry King Live Blog (Thanks for the tip, Coolmom). Here is a taste:

After a single day of covering the band, it is clear that the media attention alone would be enough to extinguish any band with an age range far older than these guys.  The barrage is relentless.  Five different countries with one-on-one interviews with all 3 guys, plus a huge press conference that the Jonases marched through as though they had been doing it for thirty years—nothing fazes them.  In fact, they came into our own interview after all of this and it was like they were seeing old friends for the first time in months.  An average age of 19 years old and total pros.


The Guys will be on LKL on the 18th!

Aggregated Madrid photos, tweets, and videos tras el salto…


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