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Off we go!

After months (and months and months) of dormancy on our part, we are off to see the Jonai today! WOOOT!  It has been too long (last October! I saw Nick in January).

I can’t wait!

We’ve got a full day planned with the Road Dogs game followed by the show tonight in Camden (and maybe some shopping in Philly in between). We will be hanging out with Merry and E (who we’ve not seen for too long). It’s going to be perfect day for it! It is going to be AWESOME.

I will be making updates to the post throughout the e day – I am sure MM will keep the tweets flying as well.

Updates after the jump!



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Not a good day for the JB superfandom, as the (erstwhile “Camp Rock”) Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010 appears to have undergone some hasty restructuring, even as tourmates rehearsed away and Kevin & Danielle were prepping their packing plans.

The Sibling Revelry community appears to be particularly impacted by the reshuffling.  We may not be the ones panting that a tweet from one of the Bros will make our lives, or sneaking into meet & greets, or other demanding, frenzied activities of the fickle tween demo that is the commonly imagined JB fan –  but we ARE the superfans with itchy trigger fingers at the first second of the earliest presales – we travel, buy tickets for multiple shows – and a number of us live outside of the favored Northeastern and West Coast markets.

Clearly a day of huge disappointment for many, and I know our hearts go out to each other.  There’s always been much talk of the powers-that-be of JB management (“the PTB”, thanks for that one, Shelley!) and we can add this to the list of days when we wonder if the PTB have a clue (or care) about WDT (“we discerning types”, thanks for that one, SR charter readership! ;)).

To be fair…I’ve been reading a lot of Bob Lefsetz since Garbo & Papa J let that cat out of the bag and if I’ve learned anything from it – if the reason behind all this is indeed weak sales – the JBs are in no way alone in the struggle to repeat their previous bang-up summer sales (though the Camp Rock angle surely did NOT help).  They have some pretty healthy company in price drops and show cancellations.  We understand their struggle to run a viable tour and business, but it seems like there has to be a better way to deal with whatever is going on than cutting off your very biggest, heartland fans at the knees. So as some of us suspect, is there more at play than the bottom line?  Is there really a good reason for a revised schedule that leaves so many fans in the lurch?

Please feel free to continue to voice your most honest concerns and frustrations and thoughts here, over the jump, where – if this is all news to you – I’ve posted the text of the Brothers’ (via Team Jonas) letter of announcement/apology and the (irksome to some of us) PRNewswire release that went out in support of the tour revamp/cancellation/expansion.


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Our smallest resident Jonas follower, aka Little Big Fan and the one who started it all, will be five years old in July. She got this shirt over the weekend (it was all I could do not to get myself this one. I refrained and tried to convince her to get it…but she had her sights set on that one).

So, LBF is arguably much more in the demographic for Camp Rock than some of us superfans who, in the aftermath, are grappling with issues of, well, exemplary movie production or the lack thereof (and an inability to dislike it anyway). I wasn’t sure how she felt about the movie; she was a little fidgety in parts while watching it and quick to point out its unacceptable dearth of Nick Jonas, but then…she has worn this t-shirt twice since purchase, couldn’t stop looking at herself in it during ballet class, and told me she was wearing it again on Friday (I’m talking her out of it).

Since she is nothing if not a vocal and opinionated person, she was happy to oblige when I asked for her review of the movie and the album. I was totally impressed with her overall assessment. Here it is pretty much verbatim (with ME speaking in parenthetical italics, like so).

I loved it. (Why?) I liked all the songs. (All?) Well…there was…I liked Joe best (but say Shane, because his name is Shane in that movie). And I know the mom of the girl…the mom on Wizards of Waverly Place. I think she was funny because she says, “That’s also MINE.” That was a funny part. (Yes, she was so good!) *CHUCKLE* And I like when Kevin says, “Can you make me a birdhouse?” – I can’t stop thinking about it, that was so funny. And I saw that when Joe got out of the car, Nick got in his seat. (Oh?) Yeah…you weren’t looking. I liked the girl who was popular. (Really?) Yeah. I liked her song. (Did you like her the best of the girls?) No, I liked Mitchie Lovato. (Ha-ha. Any of the other girls or guys?) Um. Not really.* The other favorite part was when Mitchie put on the hat and put a bunch of flour on her.

Her brief track-by-track album review and conclusions (versus HSM et al!) after the jump!


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And now we can exhale.

I am so glad the hype is over…now I will be waiting to see what kind of audience numbers tuned in…

I LIKED IT! The thing that struck me the most was what a very different film this was from High School Musical, in a fundamental way, and what a lame comparison that is. It is unfortunate baggage for what turned out to be an ultimately charming movie.

I have seen many Disney Channel Original Movies. My expectations were low. Some are horrific, people – and this was pretty great for a DCOM. My opinion if a comparison has to be drawn?

In DCOM terms, it is a scrappy “FAME“-lite to High School Musical’s glossy “Grease“-lite.

More thoughts, reviews, media and a request from the Guys follow…



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How things have changed. Just when I think there can’t be a greater deluge of coverage for the Guys, down it pours. This Camp Rock premiere week has been something else!!! Don’t underestimate the power of the junket.

So…between monitoring/purchasing their music releases on iTunes, reading the daily blogs on MySpace, watching new videos on YouTube and reading all these articles (plus a draining week at work, for me) – not to mention the anticipation for the movie and premiere of the official Burning Up video on the Disney Channel – there has been precious little time to process it all. Breathe.

Now listen to reason, from the grand old New York Magazine’s Vulture, which always speaks the hilarious truth:

On Friday, they’ll rally their armies with their latest propaganda film, Camp Rock, premiering on the Disney Channel at the revolution-friendly time of 8 p.m. Next, they’ll launch a 46-date summer tour of North America (footage of which will be shot for their forthcoming 3-D concert movie), release their third album A Little Bit Longer on August 12, and then begin shooting their own television show, J.O.N.A.S., a “comedy-adventure spy series” (while stealing nuclear secrets under the guise of being actors on a scripted TV program, presumably). At this point, any resistance is inadvisable, as their absolute victory, and subsequent enslavement of all humanity, is now certainly inevitable. But will it be enough for the Jonases? “I think we live our lives the best we can,” Kevin Jonas tells the Times, ominously. “We’ve grown up with the idea that even when you’re at the top, act like you’re at the bottom.” They will crush you. – “You Are Now Entering the Season of the Jonas”

Better? I thought so. Now, here are a few of the choiciest nuggets distilled and aggregated from the best and most interesting of the press…(after the jump!)


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The Bros were on Live with Regis and Kelly today promoting Camp Rock. It was a great appearance, especially considering how tired and jet lagged they likely are.

Some of my favorite moments include:

  • Joe FINALLY admitting that they get on each others nerves sometimes.
  • The Boys discussing the pain of unauthorized clothes borrowing and sock marking.
  • Joe’s tales of battling with an anal-retentive roommate (ahem…Nick).
  • The Bros talking about how they sometimes miss each other when apart and on dates or with friends (in a sidekick kind of way).
  • Kevin lamenting (sort of under his breath) that he wished they had time to date when asked what their dream date would be. Joe says dinner on the Eiffel Tower – ROCK ON!

Catch the appearance in three parts after the jump.


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Details from the Camp Rock premiere from our most favorite globetrotters! It seems it was a day full of good causes, good family, good friends, good food. Oh right, and a much anticipated premiere of a film in which y’all just happen to be.

At 3 pm we had a meet and greet with kids from the Make A Wish Foundation. It is always good to meet these kids that are going through so much.

The Red Carpet started at 4 pm. It was one of the longest Red Carpets ever. We had so much fun. There were tons of fans lined up on the sidewalk shouting when we came out.

The movie is amazing! It was fun to see all of the cast from Camp Rock. They really are great people and good friends. We hope that people will love it.

Get the detailed details of the day here.

They looked smashing on what was apparently an epic red carpet, watched the movie, and then went out for pizza with the cast.

Check out lots of great pics of the Boys on the red carpet here.

Today they just had an appearance on LIVE with Regis and Kelly (which was a very good appearance we will talk about later) and now they are off to Italy!

[Via: Jonas Brothers Official Myspace]

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