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This new video from the Guys has it all. On its surface it is a promo to get you to watch Camp Rock 2 (which premiered tonight, by the way), but is oh so much more. First we have all of Bulldozer there. Second they are being funny because they are being guys and they are not afraid of little girls thinking they are gross (FYI they are ALL gross). And third, well… you will just have to watch it…. after the jump…



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Off we go!

After months (and months and months) of dormancy on our part, we are off to see the Jonai today! WOOOT!  It has been too long (last October! I saw Nick in January).

I can’t wait!

We’ve got a full day planned with the Road Dogs game followed by the show tonight in Camden (and maybe some shopping in Philly in between). We will be hanging out with Merry and E (who we’ve not seen for too long). It’s going to be perfect day for it! It is going to be AWESOME.

I will be making updates to the post throughout the e day – I am sure MM will keep the tweets flying as well.

Updates after the jump!


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Kevin, Joe, and Nick “took over” Radio Disney yesterday and had a nice chat with Ernie D.

They talk about Frankie’s cast tan, broken bones, costumes, new jokes, cereal, Joe’s glasses, and their favorite concerts they have been to as fans (hint: it has something to do with a Beatle). They also talk about Camp Rock 2, and tell some funny behind the scenes stories, and the second season of JONAS (which they seem very excited about), and Oceans, which premieres this weekend.

They talk a little bit about the fact that we have had no new music from them in a while (Kevin says they are prepping, and have lots of things coming up that will all hit at once) and they talk about the upcoming summer tour and how it will be “unlike any tour we (Jonas Brothers) have done before.” That part kinda made me want to throw up (considering the aforementioned rumors) – I am excited for a tour, but also terrified. No point in worrying about it now, I suppose.

There is also a lot of very cute interaction involving the Guys giving Ernie D tips to help with his stint as co-emcee at the T.J. Martell Foundation Family Day coming up this weekend.

Take a listen for yourself after the jump!


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