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I am so excited about the Jonas Brothers’ tour book that will be hitting stores (and the web) on November 18. I mean, who doesn’t love a good Jonas Brothers photograph?

The book documents this past year of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mega-stardom for them, and promises tons of beautiful photographs taken by photographer Rob Hoffman (aka “Robarazzi”) and…Joe Jonas (you heard me).

Better yet, in these times that can be described as a “quiet” in the Jonasphere, there is quite a nice video of them talking about the book, with some tasty sneak peeks!

Check out the vid after the jump (and be so kind as to answer a question for us).



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I have been checking the Guys’ MySpace this week, repeatedly and for the first time in ages…in no small part because I am secretly hoping to see new, accessible tourdates pop up out of nowhere.  Alas! Instead all I have seen are the disappearing dates, as the Guys played their last shows of the Burning Up Tour.

But! It seems an opportune time to reflect on our experience of it!  We got to see them earlier on, in Hershey, and then last Wednesday we got to see them winding it down in Camden.  (And, of course, it was yet another fantastic Jonas experience…)

My main takeaway?  I thought we were being over the top in going to two shows…we totally could have done more (oh, except for the whole money/time/work/life thing). They must know they get repeaters – especially in the geographical cradle of the JB, the Eastern Seaboard – because I felt like the Boys made an effort to create a performance which, though fully in the Burning Up mold we had already seen, was a unique concertgoing experience.

I was skeptical that it would be as big of a rush as the first time, when I made obsessively sure it was all a surprise to me; the side of me that is cynical and somewhat takes those Boys for granted took hold in advance of the show…but it took about 2 seconds after their arrival on stage for me to be rendered, as always, breathless and geekily in-the-flailing-moment.

I found myself amazed at the prowess and the professionalism they have cultivated since I first started peeking at their live performances. But at the same time, I felt myself as enchanted as ever by their easygoing charm, guileless youthfulness and casual ability to entertain while looking like they are just chillin’ and having a good time.

I loved the When You Look Me In the Eyes Tour…it was a pleasant surprise (thanks to the writers’ strike) and I LOVED the show but I felt concern on a few levels…where were the loveable, unchoreographed antics of the Marvelous Party Tour??  The staging and formality of LMITE took me aback at first, and while they did a good job, but they seemed tired, overworked, at the same time.

This time around I felt reassured…that they were up to the challenge of performing on this level and, not only that, but would be able to appear that they are taking it in their stride and enjoying themselves. Excellent.

I think that says a lot about the significance of this tour in general…it was a big achievement, a great balance and exhibit of why they deserve to be where they are in their career. I think it will remain unique in the memories of attendees for ages.

Reflections on the tour (BYO!!  And I do Camden, with some highlights), after the jump!!!


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Jonas Brothers on stage at Hershey Park Stadium 07.25.08.

Cpaig: “Amazingly wonderful and blissfully awesome.”

Mememoi: “These guys here?  Pretty much the bomb.” – (my imagined internal Garbo-dialogue for the above photo, directed towards us, of course.  And also my general feeling about the show.)

Click through to hear all about it [SPOILER WARNING!!!]


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The Boys started their day yesterday with a magazine photo shoot of mystery, then they met and greeted a whole bunch of fans and had a great show.

Then we went to the venue in Irvine. We had played this amphitheater for KISS LA’s Wango Tango Radio show. It is so awesome to be back in CA and doing our own show at a venue like this. We watched as people came in to the lawn seats. They were running to get center positions at the front of the lawn.It was like watching a sea of people coming together.

Tonight was an amazing show. Tonight there was almost 450 people in the meet and greet.

Everything in the show worked perfectly. The crowd was amazing!

Read the rest of their post here.

They will be filming their 3D concert film over the next couple of days. Happy filming Boys!

Check out my speculative covers in detail (and sans obtrusive punctuation) after the jump.


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