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OK – so I was innocently doing my daily YouTube subscription check the other day and I saw that the Boys had a new video. I looked at the title and thought that they had posted the Breakfast Breaks commercial (which came out a while ago) on their channel – being that they had posted a MySpace blog post about the partnership earlier in the day. Even though I had seen the commercial dozens of times, I clicked play and sat back to watch Joe throw things at Nick – one of my favorite pastimes. Instead of humorous Nicholas pelting, I got this (after the jump). It’s wonderful. How do they make it look so easy?



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Sneak peek of the new Jonas Brother’s Breakfast Breaks commercial. So cute…hmmm…I have a sudden craving for cereal…

[Via: JonasBrothersFan.com, jonaspandemonium (YouTub), Breakfast Breaks (Official)]

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Groggy Jonas Brothers make the rounds of local morning shows promoting “Breakfast Breaks.” Check out one hilarious appearance here.

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