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The happiest of birthdays to our beloved Kevin Jonas!

We know this year will be a huge one for you so we are sending you all of our love and best wishes for a year where all your dreams come true. (…and many more!)

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Here’s a quick teaser vid for Katie Couric’s All Access Grammy Special which will air on CBS at 9pm EST on February 4th.

The Guys are asked about their influences, both personal and from the music industry (though they are intertwined), and who they would like to have dinner with. There is not a lot new, but I think that is awesome! Who wants an inconsistent rock star who doesn’t love his parents? Not me.

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[*The Tennessean really nailed it with that line.]

And so, four days later, we take a bow on Nashville and the Ryman here at Sibling Revelry…(above is one of the, like, three photos I took during the show.  I was too busy surreptitiously bootlegging the audio with my camera, heehee.  And my other shots were of the “I could get that on a postcard” variety…if only we’d been there longer!)

Needless to say, I am so impressed about the way we all managed to experience Sunday’s show together – as evidenced by the frenzy of the past few days!!  It’s been quite a thing to witness and I’ve had so much fun chatting back and forth with you guys about various things – and also catching my breath and taking up with a New Year’s return to routine – that I have been remiss in my blogging duties.  As if nothing else is going on in the Jonasphere…as if!!

So, in the interest of bloggerly closure, here are the encapsulated, final impressions Cpaig and I took away from the Ryman.

Of course, a post about the magical show would not be complete without (OMG!) a surprise (ish!) guest appearance from one of our dearest friends…and (VIDEO UPDATE!) JB & Friends, themselves…so hop over the jump to read and see…


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