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... B is for the “Bounce”, O is for “Opportunity”, U is for “Unity”, and N is for “Nutrition.” C is for “Community” and E is for “Everybody.”

I will NEVER get sick of this type of thing from the Guys.  Nick, Joe and friends (no worries – Kevin is in it too) explore their latent 80s hip-pop sides a little more deeply. I think they needed to add a line about the importance of cheese, but other than that it is a perfect parody/homage.

Here is some very special commentary from the younger generation brought to us by Gemrocks (Coolmom’s daughter, Spice, age 9):

It was a great video, hilarious from beginning to end, with wonderful choreography (Big Rob!).  As a Black-eyed Peas fan, I loved the first line.  Props to Nick, good disguise, I didn’t know it was Nick until the middle of the song.  Joe:  love the hair, it totally fits you.

Thank you Gemrocks for giving us the youth reaction! You rock!

Now, watch it again and again and again (all whilst bouncing of course) after the jump!



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So tonight, we had what was clearly the “Joe-Centric” episode in the thematic arc of JONAS.  It would also seem that this episode must have been filmed early on, and not just because we had a training session on the Stellavator.

Find out why after the jump!


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The New Jonas Brothers!!!!(?)

Jonas Brothers on The 5:19 Show with Tom “this is really hot” Deacon from 10.10.08.

This is an amusing show, and the Boys (that being Nick, Joe, and Big Rob) appear in video clips throughout. The format of this show is basically “some guy filming a show in his basement being helped by friends who don’t really seem to care about the show or like him very much”. That being said, it is quite charming.

Firstly, Tom apologizes for teasing Kevin about his pronunciation of croissant* (and therefore the Boys’ accents, collectively), to which the Guys respond with an equally mocking version of a British accent. We are “treated” to some footage of Nick Grimshaw “playing a Jonas”. Then the Boys participate in “Talk to Tom”.

They ask Tom the following questions:

Hilarity ensues.

*(FYI, Tom, Websters says both pronunciations are correct – so there.) 😛

Check it, ahfta the jump…


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The Boys appeared on typical and popular French evening news and entertainment program “Le Grand Journal” on Canal+ on Friday, winding down their promotional tour of major European cities.  It is pretty much a par-for-the-course appearance, with a delicious helping of local flavor, as usual.

After a good performance of “Burnin’ Up” (the sound mix seemed a bit weak/out of balance, though) in which they look adorable and impeccable and drove the audience nuts, the Boys sat down to chat awhile with the panel of people who congregate on such shows.

It trod the usual ground“Who’s in charge?”; “Is it true you were discovered in a salon?”; “How did Big Rob get involved in the song?” (btw, the audience LOVES them some Big Rob!!!); “Tell us about Frankie”; “Do you spend all your time together, and do you fight?”; “Are you really waiting to have sex ’til marriage?” (this question was accompanied by a painfully mournful shriek from some of the ladies in the house and, upon Nick’s dismissal of the question – which gets a cheer of approval – the moderator suggests that Big Rob be called out to help them handle any such unwelcome questions in future.  And so, he does!) Questions wrap up with “How about that 3-d movie?” and “So your parents supervise you?”

After that, the Boys participate(ish) in “La Bataille”; a sort of battle of the bands in which the assembled are divided into two groups, each group screens a clip of an up-and-coming band, and whichever team gets a bigger cheer is declared the winner.  Not sure if it goes anywhere from there, but in theory I guess the game is not unlike the Jonas screaming contests of old (P.S. name that tune)!  After that, the Boys get to hang out and watch a couple of fun Francophone segments – one comedy bit and one with questions designed to make various celebrities (including Dennis Hopper) feel awkward!!  Funtimes!!

For now, watch the appearance here!

(…simply scroll right under “Extraits de l’emission” until you find the bit marked “La Suite 2”.)

My top 5 appearance highlights? Pictures, perhaps? Ouais!!!!!!!! Après le saut


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This morning the Brothers attracted the biggest ever audience to Bryant Park for the GMA 2008 Summer Concert Series – approximately 10,000 people! Some people, it is rumored, slept on the sidewalk since Tuesday. The appearance was solid and full of great fun (and music) even though the anchors were all a bit clueless.

They played “Burnin’ Up”, “BB Good”, “Hello Beautiful”, “Pushin’ Me Away” (what do the Boys have against ‘G’s eh?), “SOS”, and “Tonight”. They also were made to answer some very dated questions (but, as we all know, things in the Jonasphere change quickly, so I won’t be too harsh). Then  Joe tried to steal the weatherman’s job (the host in the dark suit didn’t seem to appreciate this much – because he knows they are awesome – since there is a good possibility that they could all be fired and replaced with the Jonas family). They also talked about how much they love their parents, and Frankie, and how they stay grounded.They also showed the fans lots of love (as always).

All the performances were great (I enjoyed “Tonight” and “Pushin'” in particular). But I have to say, for a group of people who allegedly slept out for three days the crowd was very blah (especially during the new songs). Joe totally had to do his “wave mothapluckas wave” (2:37 on Pushin”) AND his “jump mothapluckas jump” (2:05 on SOS) moves. Not cool, people. Many seemed to be filming or too aware of the cameras all around. There seemed to be plenty of signs and stuff around, so maybe the best fans just didn’t get a spot near the stage.

My favorite non-music moments included Joe’s weather report and when Chris asked them if there were any bands out there today that they would sleep on the sidewalk for three days to see perform live. They couldn’t think of any. They also gave Joe an early birthday cake and the audience sang him happy birthday.

Check out most of the clips after the jump!


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OK, so a couple months back I kind-of complained loudly that people peripheral to the Jonas Family (especially the Band) were given no recognition on Living the Dream. I take it all back. It turns out I was just being impatient. I should have had more faith.

Today’s LTD was devoted entirely to their band and tour family.

The episode, entitled “We Are Family!”, introduces us not only to the band, but over a dozen other key members of the family. The essential “players” are presented in the manner of a sports team. We also get to meet Nick’s BFF Maya and her mom Kiyoko who are MVPs and honorary Jonases. We hear the sad story of how Kiyoko and Maya came to be adopted into the Jonas family as well as see some super cute pics and home movies of Nick and Maya growing up together. It is very sweet. Kevin narrates.

They are very lucky to have such a dedicated extended family.

Check out the episode after the jump, and see the list of the real Team Jonas.


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Day 4 of blogging for the Boys and today’s thrilling installment inspired me to make the above collage. It says it all, really (or I think so at least). The post is ebullient and full of adrenaline and is very fun to read. I will give you a taste, but get the full fun filled picture here.

We are still trying to readjust to the time difference. Hopefully tonight we are going to get some rest. Big Rob was listening to “house music” all night long and keeping us awake.

I think it is time to get Rob some new earphones. (winky face.)

We are enjoying these daily blogs (and almost daily SayNow messages) for many reasons, not the least of which is that you can hear a different voice in each post. This comes through in the varying numbers of typos, sentence and paragraph structure, sense of humor, and exclamation point quantity. It seems like they are each taking turns with the writing, and they are truly a joy to read.

[Via: Jonas Brothers Official MySpace]

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