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A new hilarious featurette “exploring” what the Guys went through in preparation for their roles as naked marble babies in the upcoming Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian which opens Friday.

The short features the Guys (natch) along with Shawn Levy (director) and Ben Stiller (comedy superstar).

If the movie is half as funny as this short, it will be well worth the $10.

I know I’m going!

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Jonas Brothers on BBC Radio 1 with Edith Bowman!

I just love JB radio interviews, and this one is no exception. The Guys have a delightfully mellow conversation covering tons of topics such as JB3DCE, working with Cathy Dennis, what they put as their occupation on their visa forms (can you guess?), spare time, cake, upcoming projects, music, fans, and future aspirations.

They go into quite a bit of detail about their most recent vacations, the first they have taken apart. It sounds like they all got to have the perfect break, which is so nice to know.

They also answer a bunch of fan questions that, frankly, put the questions asked during the last live chat to shame. They are asked about cringe-worthy outfits they have worn, who they would love to tour with, and if they have any obscure hobbies (it turns out they do – duct tape wallet anyone?). The ladies on the phone are calm, and respectful – even the one who asks to marry Joe (he gives one of his sweetest responses ever to this).

Oh yeah, and they also play the recording of the new single “Paranoid” too.

It’s truly a treat!

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The Guy’s appearance and performance on The Tonight Show with  Jay Leno was great! They were funny, relaxed and appropriately respectful to Ben Stiller. Stiller (who sat as far away as possible from them on the couch – even though he had them sign his arm) maybe felt a little old sitting next to them. He made Kevin admit that he was 5 when Ben’s first movie came out (actually Kevin was 0 since his first film came out in 1987).

They talked about the Rolling Stone Cover, 16 (six Teen) Choice awards, Jersey music influences, and their worst gig (Bloomfield Ave. Cafe in Montclair, New Jersey – it was sold out for 30 people). Then Kevin and Ben get into it over who is better at playing “Rock Band”. They also talked about how their address in LA has been leaked and they get girls walking their dogs by their house in gowns. (They might be moving?)

Because they are on Jay Leno they also talk about cars. Kevin just bought a hybrid, Joe still wants a motorcycle (but one with a sidecar), and Nick just bought a Mustang GT.

Then they performed, and it was great – with the exception of Kevin having a little bit of a hard time getting up after some move where he falls on his back. Oops!

Check it all out after the jump!

Oh, and by the way – the single “A LITTLE BIT LONGER” is now available on iTunes, and the album A Little Bit Longer will be leaked on MTV later today for a full listen!


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