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The Boys on Sound from BBC Switch.

(This was filmed when they were in London on Thursday last week, but aired Saturday.)

The gist of Sound is that it is an informal party, in a secret location, attended by celebrity friends and some very lucky studio audience members. The set of the show is an overcrowded apartment in which only six people get to sit, while everyone else stands. You get the impression that the Fire Marshall may bust in at any moment. Because the audience is selected, they are enthusiastic, but polite. It is hosted by Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac.

They chat, participate in quizzes and open and close the show with performances of “SOS” and “Burnin’ Up” respectively. It is a nice appearance, and sort of makes me loathe the options we have in the US. They are grilled with a quiz of obscure British Law (in which they do surprisngly well!), are pitched some Jonas Brothers Merch ideas, and Kevin participates with fellow guest Noel Clarke in the “Quiz of Shame” where the only way to win is to reveal your “uncool” knowledge.

Kevin and Noel compete against two audience members whose prize will be the contents of Kev and Noel’s pockets (and Noel’s shoes) if they win. Kevin puts in a guitar pick (or a “plectrum”, in Britspeak), a used napkin, a “London A to Z” book, a button, and other bits. Being that it is a contest of useless “uncool” knowledge, it will not shock you that Kevin’s team wins. Those ladies (who where skiving – cutting class or work – to be at the show) REALLY wanted that napkin. Oh well.

Also, they chat a little about how the Jonas Brothers hanging out with the cast of HSM could be bad for the health of teenagers around the world, and Garbo has on a nice blue sweater.

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Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas

What is it about the British media that smacks superior to what we get here in the States? This could be the obsessive Anglophile deep down inside me talking, but years after I thought I’d passed the height of that, I am still always taken in by the UK approach: whether it’s inscrutable crosswords, calling a sporting field a “pitch” (so what is it called when you throw the ball, then?) or the mushy peas…it just works. Well, for me.

So it has come as no great surprise that not long into their full emergence in British popular media – which easily could rehash the repetitive and often shallow mainstream coverage the Brothers receive Stateside – there have already been a few original moments.

A few ways newsBrits have impressed me, after the jump. Wait for it…


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The Atlantic Ocean now separates North American Jonas fans from the objects of our affections and I have to say…I’m feeling more than a little jealous of these Boys.

What I wouldn’t give to be hanging about in England, making weekend trips to the Continent (wishful thinking? do they even get “weekends”? but surely it must feel like some kind of a vacation to be away from the screaming, hounding hordes, even if they love us).

I lived in Europe a bunch when I was their age and I hope they make the most of their time abroad. It seems like there is a slight possibility they can wander around unnoticed over there at the moment. I personally recommend that they dress down, split up, ride public transportation and visit as many grocery stores (truly the best in educational culture shock) as museums, as much as they can before their concerts begin and that chance is inevitably ruined.

Anyway…here they are performing an acoustic SOS for some British fans.

Let this also be another reminder that even without their whole lovely and indispensable band they can certainly make music…dig that tambourine!

[Via: Jonasource (YouTube)]

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Boys on the BBC Radio 1 show Switch with Nick Grimshaw 04.06.08.

[Via: BBCSwitch (YouTube)]

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