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What a weekend!

I feel accomplished if I get my grocery shopping done, but oh no, the Jonas Brothers have to make me feel lazy by conquering 3 countries, doing countless press and interviews, and playing a bunch of shows at little known (winky-face) venues such as The Palacio de Deportes in Madrid, The Zenith in Paris, and Wembley freaking Arena in London! Wow.

It’s all good, though, because they are awesome.

Once again, do not miss Quinn Browns insight into London on the Larry King Live blog (we will get the full picture when the guys are on LKL Thursday night!) Here is a taste:

We went to BBC for a radio interview and performance, barely squeezing through the crowd to get in the studio.  But despite a much larger crowd waiting for their exit, the brothers decided not only to wade into the madness but to play an impromptu sidewalk acoustic show (see it on Larry King Live Thursday and CNN.Com/larryking in the coming days) as well!  I’m still not sure how the guys made it into the van.  Even with Big Rob clearing a path, the Jonases just kind of popped into the car as though the crowd had given birth to them.

[Much much more.]

Pictures, tweets, videos…and more…after the jump!



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Jonas Brothers on BBC Radio 1 with Edith Bowman!

I just love JB radio interviews, and this one is no exception. The Guys have a delightfully mellow conversation covering tons of topics such as JB3DCE, working with Cathy Dennis, what they put as their occupation on their visa forms (can you guess?), spare time, cake, upcoming projects, music, fans, and future aspirations.

They go into quite a bit of detail about their most recent vacations, the first they have taken apart. It sounds like they all got to have the perfect break, which is so nice to know.

They also answer a bunch of fan questions that, frankly, put the questions asked during the last live chat to shame. They are asked about cringe-worthy outfits they have worn, who they would love to tour with, and if they have any obscure hobbies (it turns out they do – duct tape wallet anyone?). The ladies on the phone are calm, and respectful – even the one who asks to marry Joe (he gives one of his sweetest responses ever to this).

Oh yeah, and they also play the recording of the new single “Paranoid” too.

It’s truly a treat!

Listen for yourself after the jump!


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Not that we should need reminding, but the Jonas Brothers are a class act.

Following their (perceived?) humiliation (and subsequent vindication – we love you, Jordin!) at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Boys have come out on top, in high spirits, and behaving more maturely than people nearly twice their age.

People reports that Nick said the following in a radio interview on the BBC regarding Russell Brand’s comments:

For us it’s cool to see that he recognizes we are gentlemen.

Gentlemen. That is the understatement of the century.

They say they had fun, and seem to be taking the teasing in stride. I think we should follow their lead (after doing whatever we feel is best in regards to MTV/Viacom)*.

For inspiration towards completing this task I will share with you this radio interview that Kevin, Joe, Nick, and Demi gave this morning to Scott Mills for BBC Radio 1. They are in London for the premiere of Camp Rock (among other things). It is good to hear them being so awesome and relaxed, especially considering all of the hand wringing we have been doing on their behalf for the past 45 or so hours.

Check out proof of their well being, listen to the interview (again) , take a breath, laugh, and come to a happier place in your JB fandom….after the jump.

*They know we’ve got their backs.


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