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Entertainment Weekly speaks fairly well of the Brothers twice in one weekGasp!

The Must List: What’s Hot for the Week of Aug. 3, 2008

”Burnin’ Up,” Jonas Brothers
Just ’cause it’s bubblegum doesn’t mean it’s bad. The bros’ tune is pure summer fun — just like the video, as they live the dream in goofy spoofs from Kung Fu to Miami Vice.

It gives me hope that this attitude shift lays the groundwork for (we hope deserved) high marks once “A Little Bit Longer” hits their critics’ desks (which, zOMG, it probably already has)…

Click through to gratuitously enjoy the video, which we already know & love…



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Hehe.  I was having a bad sort of day until I came home and saw this…


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Can you even breathe?

If there is anything I have to give the Brothers, and their team, especially major credit for, it is keeping the momentum going. As fans, we are never left hanging for long. Back when my interest in them was (slightly) prone to waning, it seemed that the very moment my mind began to wander – *boom* – there was some new excitement or sweetness from the Boys to turn me crazed and besotted all over again. More than a year later, this hasn’t changed.

The Camp Rock lead-up was intense in its way, but the new album (and the tour it promises, just around the corner!) is clearly where it’s at.

So Happy First ALBL Single Release Time, everybody, yay!

This has come along with a peek at the new album cover (ack, lookatit!); a fresh bio (at least on Facebook – update that main page, JB @ Hollywood Records, Team Jonas is kicking yer butt) and now a very cool plan set up with iTunes to count down to the new album release.

Not only will there be 3 more songs for sale (iTunes only) prior to the record coming out (Pushing Me Away, Tonight, and A Little Bit Longer), there will be an exclusive, professional looking, accompanying video podcast you can subscribe to. Pure excellence!

I don’t know if it will measure up to the sweet, shoestring efforts of their “It’s About Time” promotional countdown or the goofy, tour wearied offerings for “Jonas Brothers”…though I’m sure we will treasure them still.

After the jump, I’ve reprinted the full new bio (with its wonderful album information), which will pump you up – but at the top, links to those old countdowns, too (they are worth checking out – never forget). 😛


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