That JONAS LA title may rank low for me on the new series soundtrack, but it is a good description of our approach to bloggin’ the show so far.  We’re watching it, enjoying it very much, but much of our recapping and chatter happens on Twitter these days.

Grant us pardon and use this new post for discussion of the soundtrack album release on Tuesday, July 20 (LBF’s 7th birthday!), or in the meantime if you’re a preorderer or future purchaser who is sampling the wares in advance.

And also please use it to discuss the latest JONAS LA episodes and those to come!!!

What’re your favorite episodes, songs and aspects of Jonas LA so far? Least favorite? What are you looking forward to?!


Okay, wanted to open things up with a fresh open post.  You know what that means:


I know some of you have ideas on your mind you want to pursue about various Jonas goings-on, without the limits of any specific post topic or guiding question.

So here’s your new post: our very own Jonas Anonymous…choose your own grouphugging, get-it-out and let-it-go adventure. Vent and fear no reprisals, as this is a safe, welcoming & supportive environment for critical discussion, yes? We hope so.

Feel free to repost any longwinded stuff from Twitter you’ve been feeling like sharing in a more static environment.

Commenters’ “Keep it clean” Fine Print Reminder: Let’s all bear in mind that we are all entitled to opinions…unless there are provable facts at hand, opinions/feelings/intuition can’t be wrong.  No personal attacks on commenters – but non-hurtful critical opinions about Jonas-related people & stuff is…well…is the point! (You know when you’re out of line; giving an emotional posting a quick re-read will help cut down on offense.) And if you take issue with someone’s line of thought, please remember the best medicine is to promote your own point rather than complaining about the points of others.  That said, pushing known “buttons” is bad form.


Let’s talk and feel good!

Love yous! – MM

Not a good day for the JB superfandom, as the (erstwhile “Camp Rock”) Jonas Brothers World Tour 2010 appears to have undergone some hasty restructuring, even as tourmates rehearsed away and Kevin & Danielle were prepping their packing plans.

The Sibling Revelry community appears to be particularly impacted by the reshuffling.  We may not be the ones panting that a tweet from one of the Bros will make our lives, or sneaking into meet & greets, or other demanding, frenzied activities of the fickle tween demo that is the commonly imagined JB fan –  but we ARE the superfans with itchy trigger fingers at the first second of the earliest presales – we travel, buy tickets for multiple shows – and a number of us live outside of the favored Northeastern and West Coast markets.

Clearly a day of huge disappointment for many, and I know our hearts go out to each other.  There’s always been much talk of the powers-that-be of JB management (“the PTB”, thanks for that one, Shelley!) and we can add this to the list of days when we wonder if the PTB have a clue (or care) about WDT (“we discerning types”, thanks for that one, SR charter readership! ;)).

To be fair…I’ve been reading a lot of Bob Lefsetz since Garbo & Papa J let that cat out of the bag and if I’ve learned anything from it – if the reason behind all this is indeed weak sales – the JBs are in no way alone in the struggle to repeat their previous bang-up summer sales (though the Camp Rock angle surely did NOT help).  They have some pretty healthy company in price drops and show cancellations.  We understand their struggle to run a viable tour and business, but it seems like there has to be a better way to deal with whatever is going on than cutting off your very biggest, heartland fans at the knees. So as some of us suspect, is there more at play than the bottom line?  Is there really a good reason for a revised schedule that leaves so many fans in the lurch?

Please feel free to continue to voice your most honest concerns and frustrations and thoughts here, over the jump, where – if this is all news to you – I’ve posted the text of the Brothers’ (via Team Jonas) letter of announcement/apology and the (irksome to some of us) PRNewswire release that went out in support of the tour revamp/cancellation/expansion.

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Joe has graced us with a beautiful letter giving us all the details of his trip to Africa! It’s powerful, sweet, funny, and makes this super-fan glow with admiration. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more proud, I am.

He writes about life, happiness, adventure, and love. He encourages us all to take a look at our privileged lives, and remember that there are those in the world who have nothing. He also asks us to consider that possessions do not make our lives better, but allow us easily take our lives for granted.

I am doing it no justice, the letter really speaks for itself.

Read it after the jump!

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The Pup Grows Up! [Open]

Well…. what do you think?!

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I am so so sorry, Guys. I was totally prepared to be underwhelmed by Jonas LA tonight. I had my snarky post intro all written up. I was even planning on making a reference to the show Fifteen (and that may become relevant later on), but I was left – happy!

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At Last [New Media]

On small step for the internets. One giant leap for the Jonas Group.

Cambio has landed!

I wouldn’t exactly call it a soft launch, but Cambio.com is here with a smattering of content to whet our appetites. Live now we get a piece on Demi’s trip to Chile doing a Red Cross goodwill project (while on tour) on the Cambio Cares channel, an intro to Cambio’s daily show Cambio Connect, a video of the Guys stuck in that elevator, a very tantalizing Road Dogs video and page, and a News page featuring exclusive coverage of Joe in Africa, along with other celebrity news.

So far, so good, Cambio!

The site also gives us a glimpse of upcoming content such as a “Nick In London” mini series, “Stars Go Home” with Joe (and others), Chats with Nick, the cast of Camp Rock 2, and “Mystery Artists,” tour coverage, and a style show.

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